This Rap Star Didn’t Want to Miss His Flight, So His Entourage Opened the Jetway Door And…

Rapper Jeremih didn’t board his US Airways flight from Newark on time.

The Chicago-born rapper, whose real name is Jeremy Felton, 27, and his pals pulled the pea-brained stunt about 1:45 p.m. at gate 37 in terminal A, as a US Air flight to Phoenix was just seconds from takeoff, the sources said.

…So one of his friends who had already passed through the jetway – the movable ramp linking the terminal to the plane – opened the jetway door so the tardy trio could sneak on, the sources said.

Plenty of people have referred to economy passengers as ‘self-loading cargo’. But even when I’ve been late to the gate (and flying economy) I’ve never actually tried to load myself.

Surely though there has to be more to this story.

  • The boarding door was closed, but the aircraft door was still open?
  • The rapper walked through the jetway without scanning his boarding pass, or with the assistance of airline employees at the gate?

I don’t expect full details, or even fully accurate details, from Page Six. Nonetheless, the story here is one of significant nerve.. though it’s also something that I’d bet nearly every traveler at one time or other is at least tempted to do even if none of us do it. Because we arrive at the gate, the plane is sitting right there, and it may even be 12 or 14 minutes to departure and staff has closed the doors a couple of minutes early…

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  1. I had to open the door from the inside last week. I was last to board as I was on standby. The gate agent shut the door behind me but let me keep my rollerboard as she said there was still space. The flight attendant that greeted me at the door told me there was no space and I would have to check the bag. I told her that the jet bridge door had already been shut and she said it didn’t matter, I needed to go back and check my bag. I didn’t know what to do so I went back and opened the door. The gate agent was not pleased, but when I explained, she took my bag and sent me on my way.

    I don’t know what the rules are about opening that door, but I felt like the FA should have assisted with the situation somehow, like at least calling the gate agent and letting her know that the bag would need to be checked.

  2. I have seen the door to the jetway opened for late arriving connecting passengers. Many times. Why was one passenger who perhaps went onto the jetway a few minutes earlier, and then the jetway was closed for the rest of the group? Sounds fishy to me.

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