Rapper’s Manager Charged for Threatening to Off Flight Attendant’s Head, Claims Racism

Tamika Mallory, co-founder of the Womens March, was headed to Al Sharpton’s daughter’s wedding on American Airlines. She apparently had her seat changed on her by a gate agent and reportedly responded by “screeming f-bombs at the staff in front of kids’. She wasn’t permitted to fly, and took to social media to decry American Airlines racism. The NAACP followed up by issuing a ‘travel advisory’ regarding American Airlines about a week later.

It didn’t matter that the NAACP misunderstood or misconstrued the facts in making its case. There was no win for American to point that out. They listened to good professional advice and simply declared it was an ‘opportunity to do better’. They met with the NAACP and made a commitment to do more analysis, more training, and pay special attention to claims of discrimination.

Well we have a claim of discrimination. Rapper Rich the Kid touched down on an American Airlines flight at LAX on Tuesday and got up to use the lavatory while the plane taxied to the gate. A flight attendant told him to sit down. His road manager got into an argument with the flight attendant threatening to cut their head off.

American Airlines LAX Terminal 4

Off the aircraft, Rich The Kid and his manager were met by police, and the rapper claims to have been racially profiled. The manager was booked on a misdemeanor charge for the threat.

In a statement given to XXL, an American Airlines spokesperson denies the claims, saying, “No racial profiling occurred.”

The spokesperson also confirmed an arrest took place, telling us, “Law enforcement was called after two passengers verbally assaulted our crew and customers. One of those passengers was arrested by law enforcement.

Rich The Kid was kicked off a plane last year too — declaring “I ain’t scared of the police b-tch, I’m rich!”

By the way Rich The Kid was also accused by his wife of physical abuse. He seems like a real peach.

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  1. Idjits like this who play the card to make some news make it truly impossible for minorities across the board to point out ACTUAL racism when it ACTUALLY exists.


  2. There are idiots across all races, genders and nationalities. Hopefully there is a video of the threat. Would make things easier for American…or possibly the manager, who knows.

  3. all 52 as long as corporate america continues to try to be politically correct and lacks any intestinal fortitude to defend themselves against idiots like this.

  4. If these carnival clowns and their 2 million followers are going to bocott AA then lets hope they extend their boycott to Delta, United and Southwest too.

  5. True racism ended decades ago. Today the word is merely a license to extract cheap publicity or economic/political gain for imagined offenses. This story serves as yet another validation of that point

  6. Didn’t you get the memo, Gary? Every time a black person gets upset, doesn’t get his way, isn’t first in line for something, or just has a rash on his ass, it is ALWAYS due to racist white folks. And ALL white folks are racist!

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