Reducing Your Spending Requirement for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Bonus, But Act Quickly!

Yesterday I wrote about a new, better offer for my favorite credit card: 40,000 point signup bonus after spending just $2000 on the card within 3 months.

Commenter nknight wrote about having applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card when the signup bonus required $3000 in spending. Since it’s since been reduced, I suggested sending a ‘secure message’ through the Chase website asking to have that amount reduced to $2000 based on the new offer.

My guess had been that this wouldn’t be successful – that I’ve usually seen Chase match new bonus amounts offered within 90 days of signing up for a credit card, but that I hadn’t seen them reduce the requirements to receive a bonus.

Well, turns out my skepticism may have been wrong. Commenter Esteban reports:

I got my spend requirement reduced from 3k to 2k after a secure message.

But if you’re going to request that Chase match the lower spending threshold of just $2000 to receive the signup bonus — or if you’re going to sign up for the card in order to get that lower threshold for the bonus — you may want to do that right away.

Commenter Dan R. passes along the rumor that the current new offer will be pulled today.

The word comes from Dan’s Deals which I usually find reliable, but I haven’t heard this, I’ll certainly share more if I do.

(Note that the link offering this bonus does provide referral credit to me, and I greatly appreciate it if you choose to use it.)

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  1. Well now I’m torn…had been holding off on SP until meeting minimum on a different card, but I’ve now met that minimum and was getting ready to apply. I guess knowing chase, if the offer gets better they’ll match, so I should apply today before 3pm, right?

  2. @Zach I still do NOT know that the rumor is true. I heard it here in the comments and then verified that this is what Dans Deals is saying. But since it’s just a $2k spend requirement, yeah, I would get it and then if a better offer comes along I would ask for that better offer (although that of course is how Chase usually seems to behave but is not guaranteed)

  3. My min spend was reduced:

    “With the continual changes and promotional offers for many
    credit card products we at Chase will always consider
    allowing the newest promotion to be applied to any
    qualified accounts that were opened within the previous 90
    days of the offer. I am pleased to inform you that you
    will receive a total of 40,000 bonus points on completing
    purchases worth $2,000.00 within 90 days from the account
    open date. These points will reflect within 1 to 2 billing
    cycles from the date you complete your purchases worth

  4. Just got confirmation that my wife’s new sapphire account is lowered to $2k spend requirement. Woohoo! Now we’re down to only $27k total over 3-4 mo for her 6 cards, ha!

  5. Just a heads up as to an experience I recently had related to this offer…

    I needed to go to Chase, my primary bank, to discuss other business with a human being. Boy, am I glad I did that! As it were, there was a targeted 70,000 point bonus available! So, if you’re a Chase customer with other accounts such as checking or mortgage services, it might pay to stop by and chat with a local banker to see if you’re on the target list. YMMV…good luck!

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