Rent A Car From Hertz, Go To Jail [Roundup]

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  1. Rented a vehicle from AVIS a few years ago at SFO airport. Tried to change rental return over phone (in Manila call centre), AVIS couldn’t find it in system. When returning vehicle to downtown, they still couldn’t find rental agreement, even though I had a copy of it and showed them. As they couldn’t find it, they didn’t charge me 1c. They were really nice about it too. Can’t imagine what might have happened if i had a traffic stop?

  2. I feel like I see a rendition of this Hertz story every few months, and Hertz seems to never actually fix the problem – really bizarre

  3. @ David

    I just had the same thing happen with AVIS over Christmas. I checked out with an actual employee at the exit gate but somehow the car was never checked out in their system. I returned it a week later and was never charged. I kept wondering why the rental was not showing up in the app

  4. In other news to calm the traveling public Hertz will build its own private jails so
    customers won’t have to face doing time with the regular prison population.
    This will apply to only Hertz Gold number 1 or higher status customers
    Handcuffs too will be padded and food and beverage can be purchased
    by cash only or payment APP
    “Hertz puts you in the drivers prison cell seat”

  5. 10 or 20 years ago, a rental car customer in San Francisco was arrested for “stealing” the car. In the “tank,” the customer was severely beaten and had teeth knocked out but other guests awaiting bail. Turns out the customer was an attorney. Lawsuit followed. And, here we are today and nothing has changed. What’s that tell you? President’s Club doesn’t count for nothin’.

  6. @Jorge

    Because no one holds cops, jailers, judges, and prosecutors accountable for their actions. Until that changes, things like this will continue. In my book cops/judges/jailers/prosecutors should be held accountable for every action whether it’s enforcing leftist laws (from drug laws to taxes ) or holding someone over false claims. Following orders is not an excuse. They choose to hold testimony from hertz as gospel when it’s a known problem for many years.

  7. I used to love Hertz and their loyalty program. Since 2019 I 100% avoid all rentals from Hertz, many times choosing to pay extra at competitors, all for keeping my name safe from false imprisonment. And now I always wait extra minutes for a printed receipt upon returning any rental car, and scan into my records for safe keeping.

  8. I had an issue with Avis also at SFO at Christmas. Returned the car and the rental was not in their system. At least Avis did not report the car stolen. I just had to go back to the counter and they charged the card and I was on my way.

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