Repeatable Bonus for Alaska Airlines Visa With $100 Statement Credit is Back

The Alaska Airlines Visa is my favorite Bank of America credit card. And an offer that many thought was dead is still around if you know where to look.

That’s true despite only having a 25,000 mile signup bonus most of the time. (They did once have a 50,000 mile offer and they’ve also done 40,000 mile offers but most often 25,000 miles is best.)

Until recently there was a 25,000 mile signup bonus that also came with a $100 statement credit when you spent $1000 on the card within 3 months.

That statement credit more than covers the card’s $75 fee. The fee isn’t waived the first year. On the other hand though, the personal card’s signup bonus often posts before your card even arrives in the mail – no purchase necessary (the business card will usually post its bonus after first purchase).

And of course the cards come with a $99+tax companion certificate — valid on any Alaska Airlines paid ticket in economy (up through summer 2012 Alaska companion tickets worked with paid first class).

While most Bank of America credit cards aren’t all that generous in either bonus or earning, their policy for approving cards and awarding bonuses is very generous:

  • Bank of America will give you the signup bonus for their Alaska Airlines card (and indeed, their cards in general) multiple times.

  • You can get a personal and a business card at the same time.

  • You can even get more than one of the same card applying at the same time using different web browsers.

It turns out that a straight 25,000 miles isn’t the best current offer, even though the link directly to 25,000 plus the $100 statement credit is dead.

Via PointsCentric you should be presented with the 25,000 mile signup bonus plus statement credit offer while going through the process to make a reservation at

Choose a flight, any flight. Add it to your shopping cart.

Enter a passenger’s name – any name. Skip seat assignments and skip buying extra miles and trip insurance.

You’ll be taken to the payment page.

There are two things that may happen. If you see an ad next to credit card payments then you’ll receive a link to the 25,000 mile plus $100 statement credit offer.

If there’s no ad there you’ll see one if you scroll down further, however there won’t be a link yet – I believe the link is presented post-purchase. So you may need to try again.

Hopefully this is useful to some interested in Alaska miles. I certainly am — especially for one-way partner awards that allow a stopover, and reasonable first class awards such as on Emirates.

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  1. Take it from me, it is. I just got card nine today with the 100 dollar credit. Miles always post.

  2. How long should I wait after canceling my Alaska card before applying for it again?

  3. Is it reasonable to expect that they would have an increased mileage bonus this year?

    Any concern over Cathay Pacific awards not being opened up in the future to partners like Alaska or AA?

  4. I currently have a BOA Alaska Airlines card. Do I need to cancel it before applying under this offer?

  5. I just received an email for 50,000 bonus. 25,000 on approval and 25,000 after $2000 spend in 3 months.

  6. @Wade, How did you get that offer 50K? Do you know where I can find a link to get this offer? Thanks!

  7. I’ve gotten two personal cards and one business card at the same time. Works well. We’ve open and closed at least 20 cards and continue to get the bonuses.

  8. Thanks Gary. BTW, if I get approved for multiple BOA Alaska credit cards, will I get more than one companion pass to use? Thanks.

  9. hey @drew b, how long of a time period has it been between card 1 and card 9.


  10. Yes! Also interested in the 50k bonus miles offer. Can you email me the details here? I’ve already called BOA and they say their public current promo is still 25k.

  11. Hi Gary: Thank you for this post. Just FYI–this offer is still live. I followed your instructions and everything worked just as you said. It’s a terrific offer.

  12. Hi,

    I see that link is still there as stated. Do you have to follow through with booking on the flight that got you to the link? I don’t need to book a flight now, but plan to in two months. I’d like to get this offer though.

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