Republic Airways, Which Flies For United, Delta, and American, Will Send WARN Act Notices To 40% Of Staff

Republic Airways, a regional airline that flies for American Airlines, Delta, and United, is planning to notify 40% of their workforce that they may be furloughed October 1.

The carrier, best known as the actual airline David Dao was flying under the United Express banner when he was dragged off an aircraft and bloodied in Chicago three years ago, had the foresight to game the CARES Act and circumvent the intent of Congress by firing employees before taking payroll support money while receiving funds based on its full payroll – and pocketing the difference. (The CARES Act required carriers to keep their employees at full rate of pay through September 30th – once they had accepted the funds.)

Here’s the plan to communicate around WARN Act notices going to 40% of employees:

The potential for shedding staff is equivalent to what United Airlines has shared with its employees, though they’re unlikely to actually furlough that many.

American Airlines EMB-175 Operated by Republic

Republic, which spent parts of 2016 and 2017 in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, used to own Frontier Airlines (which it sold to Indigo Partners) and used to operate the Chautauqua Airlines and Shuttle America brands before consolidating them into the Republic brand. Today they operate Embraer E-170 and E-175 aircraft for partners, generally under capacity purchase agreements – which is why I’m surprised to see October 1 layoffs so severe, I’ll be interested to learn the status of these agreements.

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  1. There will be no quick recovery in the travel business despite a lot of false hope. Wish it wasn’t this way but until people learn to maintain distance, and not act as idiots we all will continue to suffer.

  2. This article is poorly written and completely unvalidated. There has been no official word from Republic about any percentage of furloughs occurring October 1st. Disappointment on behalf of Gary Leff.

  3. @”Gary Lefft” – I’ve reproduced the internal Republic document, just because I’m putting it out there prior to Republic’s official communication channels doesn’t make it “completely unvalidated” (sic).

  4. So why the reference to David Dao? Who cares at this point let alone the fact he was acting all the way, sans blood !

    I can not see why people are continuing to print that we are going to have a sharp rebound its just not in the cards, while there maybe a slight up tick just from the fact that productivity increased from 0 to 40% people soon after will wait up to the headache after the party, Budget Deficit folks and our grand kids are going to be paying that one off. Another bulletin there will be at least 25% of more LESS flights in the world, loss of 15% or more work force world wide and a downward pressure on wages

  5. All conjecture. Until Republic makes a public statement an article like this is meaningless. Poor journalism. The authors response to a previous comment about obtaining an “internal document” is lazy. Anyone can create a document and call it internal. Unless Gary received it personally from a Republic executive or has a quote from someone familiar on the matter this article is as useless as tits on a bull.

  6. This sounds like a article written from a employee that got fired and is petty this is totally inaccurate and is just click bate. Unless you work for the airline and get the actual emails from its union and company then you have no idea what you are talking about! Have a wonderful day

  7. I CARE about the reference to Dr. Dao. That whole thing has gone on too long for United and it wasn’t even United.

  8. “they’ll presumably be paid on their contracts until terminated or amended” presume or assume, either way youre an ass. id be shocked if the majors were paying them every single penny owed in those contracts when a large chunk of every airlines flights have been canceled

  9. “they’ll presumably be paid on their contracts until terminated or amended”

    Unless they have already been amended by the Force Majeure clause in the CPA. I would be very surprised if United, Delta, and American haven’t invoked Force Majeure.

  10. If this is happening to Republic, it’s gonna happen to SkyWest and MESA…

  11. Really? You have to bring up the “Dao” incident?. Layoffs and Dao have NOTHING to do with each other. Stop bringing up the past with the present issues that ALL the airlines are experiencing

  12. Not sure why he brought up the “Dao” incident”. Guess he couldn’t bring up the dog United killed a in the overhead, because this is about Republic furloughs and not United furloughs

  13. “Dao”… “internal document”…. shit journalism at it’s finest. People like Gary are the ones trashing the entire world, not just our country. Articles this poorly written should have legal implications. That “internal document” with no letterhead and no signature might as well have been drafted on his own computer. What a fool.

  14. Internal document? Perhaps…maybe even, probably. Dropping the Dao comment?…that is just poor and lazy journalism. It’s a backhanded ad hominem used to sensationalize.

    Gotta do better, Gary. The Dao comment is a distraction. Run it by your editor next time.

  15. This does not suprise me at all. Depending on how much or more like how little United, Delta, and American are using the republic fleet this could be inevitable. Just remember they probably went from several hundred flights a day for each carrier to maybe a hundred or less because all 3 wholly own their own regional airlines which cost about the same to operate as Republic, but the Major keeps all the profit instead of sending maybe 7% above operating costs outside of the company.

  16. I have to agree with others. Whatever the layoff situation is, the topic has NOTHING to do with David Dao. NOTHING. It’s absolutely a lazy attempt at sensationalism that the wise readership doesn’t take well to and Gary… You’re a grown man. Please learn to take constructive criticism better.


  17. As long as we have so many true believers in this virus there can be no rebound in the airline industry.

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