Revealing: Marriott CEO Says Workers Make Too Much Money, Don’t Trust Us

Marriott CEO Anthony Capuano makes two points about low wage workers in a recent interview. Amazon pays entry level workers too much, and that’s making it hard for hotels to hire cheap ‘in some markets’. And after mass layoffs in 2020, workers don’t trust hotels as a place to build a long-term career.

At Dallas – Fort Worth airport low wage retailers are looking to the airport to forbid competition for workers in order to keep wages down. Marriott doesn’t have that options for its hotels.

It’s likely that the ‘worker shortage’ that keeps airport Starbucks closed, and other businesses short staffed, will abate in the fall when kids go back to school (free childcare) and pandemic unemployment ends across the board.

However Capuano earns a seven figure base salary with total compensation up to $9 million. It’s somewhat rich for him to complain that hotel employees make too much.

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  1. “And after mass layoffs in 2020, workers don’t trust hotels…”

    Why exactly again did we give them those $billions?

  2. After the WW2 with only one working in the household you can pay for house mortgage, car mortgage, go to vacation with the family. Now try to do that! Why? Because some want to be very rich, and to keep most of others very poor. It is called ” modern slavery”. it is not look like but is really is. This idiotic CEO didn’t understand the economics. Just his “bottom line”. If everyone spend more then everyone earn more. So pay the workers and let them have what to spend and the money to circle in economy. If he ask me to tip I will ask him to f..k himself! Why to tip? Did he tip his workers? No! So why I should?! They should be payed fair and not rely on tips like beggars. Good thing people start to reject low income slavery.

  3. Most lHotels should just go the airbnb model to be honest. No check in with an employee, no daily housekeeping, minimal customer service. Just a PIN pad entry, “cleaning” fee for after checkout handled by a contracted agency, etc. Basically just need a manager at the hotel to handle security and maintenance issues. I imagine this is pretty much what you will see in 3-5 years with most hotels except for the high end and resorts.
    Most Restaurants will also move to mostly a fast casual concept with no servers.
    This is what Americans voted for so can’t really get mad with the repercussions. Customer service is always the first to go when any cuts are made.

  4. @ Thing 1

    We didn’t give a penny

    Our politicians bent over and gave billions because their penes are small.

  5. “If I were human, I believe my response would be, ‘Go to Hell.’ If I were human.”

    Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

  6. His attitude makes me feel like cancelling my upcoming Marriott hotel stays. I am a conservative, but I don’t begrudge anyone making at least $30k per year.

  7. It all goes back to those cheap [redacted], the Marriotts! The Marriotts have always had the reputation of being cheap. I hate them with a passion! The Marriotts destroyed Starwood/SPG, I will never forgive them! They will blame anyone/everything except themselves. This is the proof!

  8. $13 @ Marriott vs $15 @ Amazon. I would opt for $13 @ Marriott owing to the better working conditions.

    I don’t think Marriott is facing difficulty hiring because Amazon pays better. I think its simply because Marriott’s pay is just far too low and there are better opportunities available with similar or better working conditions and/or better pay (example: Starbucks).

  9. Amazon treats its workers like slaves. Marriott like peons. Some choice. Welcome to late stage capitalism.

  10. Marriott pays their CEO far more than $9 million. The benefit package is not cheap for these people. Do you really expect to see him on your next flight? No, he flies private.
    I’m sure his retirement compensation will be epic.

    It’s easy to blame others, and it helps deflect the detractors from the ivory tower for a few moments.

  11. Does the CEO not understand basic & demand or just doesn’t like the consequences? I bet there is no shortage of capable executives that would take his job for 50% less. Pay up or shut up.

  12. @Gary

    Thanks for recognizing that school is basically daycare and a place for socialization. Aside from basic 123s/ABCs, nothing of value is learned in school. Most of the material is either leftist propaganda or math/literature/ history we will never use in our lives nor remember.

    The CEO must love illegal immigration because illegal immigration and presence of so many a certain demographic group guarantees wages will be lower than they should be in an actual western country with borders and a stable population. Wages would be $20 an hour and rightfully so. Better quality workers is less costly in the end. That’s why I support a higher minimum wage. The government should never have interfered in the labor market and should have never allowed illegals to not be deported immediately. Since there is a minimum wage, it doesn’t make sense for it to be unlivable. $20 an hour coupled with strong border security means businesses like hotels would hire the best quality demographics who don’t steal, who are more productive, who enhance the atmosphere, and who can boost room rates because of higher quality service. Right now, businesses can’t raise wages because they won’t be able to raise room rates. They have to compete with those dirt bag hotels with low quality staff. People are cheap unfortunately and won’t pay more. If the minimum wage was at least $15-$20 an hour, no hotel would have an unfair advantage of ultra cheap wages.

    The welfare problem and unemployment insurance problem means people are disincentivized to work and only select groups get it while hardworking white working class Americans get nothing from the government. We’d be better off with UBI of $1600 a month for all citizens 18 and over to replace all welfare/food stamps/section 8 programs. Eliminating bureaucracy and thousands of federal/state/local programs is the most conservative thing to do. $1600 for 250 million citizens over 18 (we don’t want to incentivize welfare babies so 18 and up) costs $4 trillion a year. The savings from cutting out a mass of bureaucracy and all these programs from federal level to municipal level (homeless shelters) makes this possible. UBI replacing social security (with all people getting the same exact amount; possibly being bumped to $2400 at 65) would allow the payroll system to easily pay for it.

  13. Pre pandemic, the lesson was that no one should trust Marriott. Pandemic and post pandemic, that lesson has been amplified. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely…

    Marriott seems to believes that once they are in control, it leaves no choice, whether for guests, employees or suppliers. Mormon mentality…?

  14. @JohnB

    Amen! Marriott thoroughly destroyed Starwood. I left Marriott and went to Starwood many years ago as a result of the poor service and general indifferent attitude at most of their properties. Was Starwood perfect? No. But I found them far superior to Marriott. I truly miss Starwood. I’d switch too just of they had a larger global footprint.

    Marriott Lifetime Titanium (via SPG)
    Work of Hyatt Globalist

  15. I am a tiny shareholder of Marriott and feel sick about this attitude. Clearly doesn’t know how to attract and retain good staff. I will be sure to vote my next proxy for whatever it is worth accordingly. PS became shareholder only as a result of being Starwood holder. SPG FOREVER. I knew this was going to be a mess when they forced everyone to give up their original SPG numbers and didn’t even issue new cards.

  16. Talked with staff member serving “to go” breakfast at Residence Inn, San Diego this morning. She works 5 hours a day beginning at 5am, no benefits, worked here for 10 years, still makes minimum wage. Rooms here go for $450 a night. They are sold out. What a shame what they pay workers!

  17. @Jackson Waterson
    It’s obvious the only thing you learned in school is reading, writing and arithmetic. Obviously you learned how to be a racist from your parents. As a white boy you should be happy you have a job.
    Politics have nothing to do with your upbringing except as a tool to constantly complain on this site about people you don’t like. Those people of course are not of your color. Too bad cry baby. If you don’t like this country, move to the country of your ancestors in Europe. I’m sure they will be glad to have a racist white American. Good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. LOL at some or should I say many of you people

    lets start with the slavery discussion

    getting the basics out of the way “A slave is a person owned by someone and slavery is the state of being under the control of someone where a person is forced to work for another. A slave is considered as a property of another as the one controlling them purchases them or owns them from their birth.”

    So lets not go overboard with slavery at Amazon, Marriott or any other place a person chooses of their own free will to work. Go ask real slaves that still exist around the world if this is slavery. Just like racism, you left winger love to throw out slavery and racism on anything that doesn’t fit your liberal agenda.

    In the article “Amazon pays entry level workers too much, and that’s making it hard for hotels to hire cheap ‘in some markets” IMHO, what’s false about this. I get it that the 1st part of this is an opinion. It’s likely true. I am all for the free market setting wage rates. Now if this is what the free market bears then I’m good with it. But unskilled labor getting 15 beans an hour, I find that to be a joke, again unless that is what the free market will bear. In this case, I think it’s just Amazon being way too woke for me. My perspective, is be paid what you bring to the table in skills.

    School is free daycare? WTF planet are you living on. School is by no means free. IDK where you people live but I’m paying in excess of $5K per year in county property taxes of which most goes to the public school system. That isn’t free by any definition. Even if you rent, this cost is built into your rent. Maybe your kid didn’t learn anything but simple math and the alphabet during the K-12 years but that says more about you than most parents.

    LMAO to the one show said that a higher min wage would bring more quality workers. If everyone has the same base wage then those same unskilled laborers have no incentive to perform any better. It would not bring you any more quality. Thats why a free market with NO minimum wage would deliver the best results from the workforce. If you have show up, have skills and perform, you can find a job that pays a fair wage.

    I have my issues with Marriott management as well, it’s just that this isn’t one of them.

  19. Quote from Tony I guess no longer applies “If you take care of the associate, the associate will take care of the guest, and the guest will come back again and again.”

  20. Marriott is being brought to light .
    A cheap bottom feeder that pays employees a pittance . This new CEO fits right in to their ongoing bastardization of employees.
    And instead of taking responsibility for their inept pay , he wants to blame Amazon, this is a common feature as well as hiding behind the Bible.
    It’s why I never will ever stay at another Marriott property!

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