Rock Singer Arrested in Denver for Riding Baggage Carousel

Puddle of Mudd lead singer Wes Scantlin was arrested after riding a baggage carousel in Denver into the secure area of the airport.

[TSA] told him to get off, and he refused. They didn’t arrest him immediately; they warned him: ‘Hey, if you don’t get off the luggage rack, we’re going to arrest you.’ He refused to get off, so they arrested him….

After his ride on the baggage carousel in Denver, Scantlin was taken to a downtown Denver jail, while Daniels and his staff tried to figure out a way to bail him out so that he could perform that night.

“He wasn’t supposed to get out until Tuesday because he had warrants in four other states,” says Daniels. “So they had to clear each warrant to make sure they weren’t extraditable. And they were all, like, skipping court dates for drunk and disorderly and other stupid stuff.”

There’s video.

(HT: Road Warrior Voices)

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  1. Of course he got himself arrested. His band has no shows coming up (zero). He needs the publicity. Bloggers have played right into his pot-smoking hands.

    Colorado used to be a nice place. Now at the airport, there are murals where people worship plants. What a shame.

  2. Yeah, seems like he makes a habit of doing stupid stuff to get attention for his lame band. That’s the ski carousel he’s riding.

  3. I’ve stood in front of that carousel many times waiting for my golf clubs/skis – always wondering what would happen if I rode it around and what the other side looked like. Of course, every 3rd or 4th bin there is a sign saying not to ride the carousel and that you’re being videotaped. Maybe the dude can’t read.

    @Nick – While DIA definitely has some odd murals and artwork, I’m not sure what that has to do with Colorado being a nice place or not.

  4. The band is from MO, just never knew. Wonder if the dogs checked the luggage after departing the plane.

  5. Yes, being drunk and disorderly is certainly stupid. They should have kept him locked up overnight to teach him a valuable lesson or two.

  6. Where’s Obama to protect him? Isn’t this police brutality against Whites?

    Seriously, that punk belongs in jail and stripped of his performance rights, but the jerks in the “download the digital crap” music industry are just paying criminals. Four outstanding warrants, and he’s allowed a larger voice in a mic? Must have been a cold finger during the strip-search. Yuck!

  7. Contrary to popular belief, TSA agents are not cops. They don’t have the power to arrest anyone – although they would like to make us believe that they do.

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