[Roundup] 2500 Free Aeroplan Miles and The Last Blockbuster Video Is Now An Airbnb

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  1. @ Gary — So, what is your valuation of miles under the new AeroPlan, and would you take ~342,500 miles or a $4,700 USD voucher? I’m not sure my math is 100% correct on this — I converted $4,700 USD to $6,226 CND using today’s conversion rate, divided by .03 and multiplied by 1.65 to get the number of miles.

    I hate to hold yet more miles, but I guess we could avoid flying Air Canada, which would be nice given that we would prefer not to fly on airline that has confiscated our cash refund.

  2. @Gene – before the new program details I valued Aeroplan miles at 1.4 cents. I think that for a top tier elite member in Canada they’re probably worth 1.7 cents? For a non-elite American they may be worth 1.3 – 1.5 cents I haven’t fully internalized how the higher prices / lower surcharges net out in my thinking yet to fix on an exact amount. And you’re looking right in the middle of that valuation. In other words, the point at which I’m more or less indifferent to holding cash and miles.

    The good thing is we now know the details of the new program, and can probably count on no devaluation for awhile. The bad news is you already have lots of miles, when will you spend them versus holding onto cash that should earn a rate of return?

    You’re literally in a spot where there’s not a ‘no brainer’ answer. When I don’t have a no brainer the other way though I prefer cash.

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