[Roundup] American Airlines Will No Longer Allow These Travelers To Check Bags To Cuba

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  1. The reason I stay in reputable, brand name hotels is not really for the points or elite perks. Those are just nice to haves. What I really care for is the chain of accountability. If something goes wrong, the corporate service team knows how to handle it. Compensation up to and including refunding the whole stay is an industry norm. Airbnb might have done this once upon a time, but IPO stuff tends to torpedo customer service. Just remember Uber. In the early days you got a full refund if the seat was warm from the last passenger’s butt. Now, the driver could spray you with diarrhea, and you might get a $5 credit that expires next week.

  2. You’re about to get inundated with comments from the uneducated “jo media wa que cosa” Republicans from Miami who were the rejected from Cuban society. Cuba is a beautiful country with lush greenery typical to most Caribbean islands and they’re happy to take tourists and show you how wonderful (and better) their health care is compared to the for-profit disaster that’s the American health care system.

  3. When you go to Cuba, you go to “Support Cuban people”. I usually take school supplies, and clothes.
    This is why I’d keep my JetBlue plus credit card so it will give me an extra bag.
    I love the Cuban people and the contribution they’ve made to American culture, especially to music.
    I hope Biden will continue Obama’s policy of warming up the relation.
    I never understood how Cuban Americans push anti-Cuban agenda. It’s your own people.

  4. Don’t travel to Cuba, Cuba is a desastre country for about 62 years , people is dying hungry, sick right now and no food or medication at all., the peoole who go to Cuba is supporting the government which is millonarios already, they have a millions dlls bote, yate and them kids is traveling around 5he world. Don’t travel to Cuba please.

  5. I agree with Tony and the others who support the wonderful people of Cuba. I have been there four times. I’m a single female and felt safer there than any place else. The people are extraordinary! If you give a child a pack of gum the first thing he will do is open it and offer you a piece. They are so grateful for the smallest kindness or little thing that we give them. They are incredibly gifted in music arts and the spirit of entrepreneurship. they cannot leave the island they are stuck with these dictators! Which is why they would risk their whole family to leave the island . Trump doesn’t care about anything other than catering to his base in Miami. The island is so close to us it is better to have an ally than an enemy. They love Americans and this has been a complete disaster… they are starving . What an opportunity missed. President Biden will be compassionate and smart like Obama. Peace out.
    I have no agenda. Go ahead and attack me. Intelligent people will see right through you.

  6. I go twice a year and I loved it
    I take supplies to my family and friends everyone there is so grateful. The tourist trade helps the Cuban people. I always stay at airb&b it is not a 5 star hotel but is clean and the owners are always grateful.
    The countryside is beautiful. I can’t help that government is communist and I don’t feel am supporting it. I pray that President elect Biden opens up relations with Cuba.

  7. Tony says they how wonderful there health care is i been to cuba numerous time and in there hospitol also , it was the worst experiance i have ever had and the shower was just a thin hose hanging from the wall and only a drip of water came out and dont exspect any hot water cause there is none and that was the best hospitol they got the locals arent aloud . See pictures of capitolist cuba in the 50s its dollar was on the par with ours it was beautiful socialism killed the island only ones who benifit from that system is those who rule. “Youll see”

  8. Lackeys of the Cuban narco-mafia dictatorship.
    be ashamed; My country is in ruins, stop lying, hygiene is nil, hunger is voracious. They only show photos of the sites prepared for tourism; leave the mythomania verbiage and respect.
    Show the reality of Cuba.
    Stop the lies.

  9. I left the country last week on AA. They DID inform us of our right to opt out of the CBP picture. They had iPads set up. It’s a bit glitchy so far, in that it took slightly longer to board, but when it worked, it worked eerily well. Of course, we know they check our passports multiple times before a flight, but on that night, when boarding began, I had my passport and boarding pass out. I am of the mind that they have all the pictures of me anyway. I am on social media, have Pre-Check and Global Entry, and really, it doesn’t bother me. So I didn’t opt out. I walked up to the iPad, and before I could lower my mask and glance at it barely, a green check mark told me to enjoy my seat in 6L. I looked at the gate agent and tried to hand her my boarding pass or show her my passport. Nope. She needed nothing. That picture, apparently, had my life story in it.

    It did get me thinking about how simple it would be to verify vaccinations to fly, if people consented. The tech doesn’t have to be on a smartphone. A person could easily just opt in when he or she receives the vaccination (for COVID, yellow fever, or anything else) and that green check mark could cover it all.

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