[Roundup] As American Airlines Group Prepares To Lay Off Tens Of Thousands, They’re Holding A Hiring Open House Saturday

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  1. Hiring while laying off at the same time is a very common business strategy. The laid off workers are not eligible for immediate rehire.

  2. I work for AA and will be laid off on October 1. I used to work for Envoy. First, Envoy & AA are totally separate companies. You might not think about it as a passenger, but don’t confuse the two. Second, you can’t transfer people between Envoy & AA. Totally different seniority lists. Third, starting pay for this work at AA is $15.23/hour. At Envoy, it is $9.47/hour. Want to know what the pay top out is after 12 years? $15.80/hour. No that is not a typo. Because these are collectively bargained agreements, that is the pay rate regardless of if you are working at DFW, MIA, ORD or BOS. Have to pay Illinois taxes and cost of living? Tough luck, says Envoy. LAX gets a California adjustment, but it isn’t enough. Management at AA is lousy, but it is so, so, so much worse at Envoy.

    Bottom line: I don’t care if I get laid off for the next 10 years, there is no way I would ever work at Envoy another day. Anybody who would even think of wanting to transfer from AA to Envoy needs to have their head examined. The reason they are hiring at Envoy is because they constantly lose people due to the lousy pay and working conditions. It’s a revolving door over there because Parker & Isom treat Envoy workers like 2nd class people. I’ve seen entire training classes at Envoy quit en masse.

    It’s not surprising at all that Envoy is hiring, because they are always hiring. Now you know why.

  3. American airlines are doing a good job on layoff and then hiring new employees for lower and i mean lower salary pay

  4. See kids. This is why people become lawyers, bankers, management consultants and the like.

    Starting pay $100-200k/year
    After 12 years $1-2M/year

  5. Envoy is basically a contract company owned by American, they used to be American Eagle. Now Eagle flights are often operated by different contract companies. Eagle flights are only small aircraft/ regional flights to connect to the major cities. I’m actually surprised that they still own Envoy, because they already contract out cabin cleaning and fueling just like other main airlines.

  6. The flight attendant work group voted down the last contact. A mediator forced the contact upon us. Know the facts.

  7. If you’ve flown into or out of DFW very often recently, you probably know first-hand that fleet service people are seriously needed. On one outgoing flight, we sat at the gate with the door closed for 40 minutes because it was “shift change” and there was no one to hop on the tractor for 60 seconds and push us back. On another, incoming flight, we sat 50 feet in front of the gate for 55 minutes waiting for 2 of the 3 fleet service people to show up & guide us in with their little red batons, while the 3rd guy literally say on the tractor with his feet up reading something on his phone. As someone who still has to fly for work, I support this job fair, layoffs or not.

  8. @Jl – the union agreed to terms that would be imposed if a contract couldn’t be reached, the company didn’t impose that contract! They gave flight attendants the higher pay rate that was rejected. Know the facts.

  9. Thank you k3b for setting this writer straight. If a Journalist wants to give information at least give it correctly

  10. At least the ENVOY TEAM, has jobs. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence! Layoffs will be minimal compared to A.A. Being a little fish in a big pond is better than a big fish, with no water to swim!

  11. Of course that doesn’t seem fair. At the same time, during the crisis, a low pay is better than a complete absence))) Unfortunately, I own a large stake in AAL and as I understand now the situation is getting worse …

  12. So you really think that pilots and flight attendants and management personnel being laid off are willing to go sling bags for regional at a fraction of their original pay?

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