[Roundup] China Suggests They Could Shoot Down Civilian Aircraft As US Spy Planes Misidentify Themselves

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  1. And wouldn’t Trump LOVE to get a little war started, just before the election?

  2. Trump or not, China is a long-term strategic threat to the US and democracies in general, and thus we need to approach China as that: a strategic threat today and tomorrow.

  3. We must quit buying made in Communist China products thereby effectively ending U.S. funding for China’s growing war capability

  4. The US Air Force needs to get its act together. Did we learn nothing from all those years that the CIA impersonated Christian missionaries, thereby endangering the lives of real missionaries?

  5. Why do people here in the US think it’s OK when we do things but a big NO-NO when other countries do exactly the same thing? We can have nuclear weapons, you can’t. We can infringe on boundaries, you can’t. And on and on. I’m sick of the feeling of superiority that permeates this country.

  6. Well, if ya got it flaunt it! We as Americans love to show off our wares. Much like when your neighbor gets a new car, so do we. And that’s all I have to say about that

  7. Well, if ya got it, flaunt it! We Americans love to brag about our capability. Much like when the Joneses. Buy a new car. Then so do we. God bless America! And that’s all I have to say about that!

  8. @Gregory Johnson – if you aren’t happy in the US there are hundreds of other countries you could pick! Yes we have an issue with other countries (that are typically unstable or have a pattern of aggressive behavior) not have nuclear weapons and limit their military capabilities. Also, every advanced nation does the same thing with respect to spying on others, cloaking military planes, etc. Finally, before you blame Trump this is standard operating procedures that predates him by many administrations of both parties.

  9. To Gregory Johnson:
    By your statement, It’s obvious you have no clue or understanding of what is called the “National Security Strategy”. The average 6th grader understands why we have nuclear weapons and other countries don’t. Very disturbing train of thought. How many people like you are in this country??? Scary!!!

  10. Blackhawk- Nice made up tough guy moniker. Sounds like you’re OK with a lunatic in the US having his little hand on the box. Israel and Pakistan are stable? Crazy. It’s penis envy that mine is bigger than yours in this country spending more on alleged defense than the next 10 countries combined.

  11. A few weeks back, I read a column on cnn about a secret location of chinese submarine underground base…I am quite shocked to hear from chinese foreign minister Wang that the United States needed a spy plane just to acquire intel on chinese military…US has alot of satelites in space, they don’t spy planes to know them…(maybe when we are in the 80’s, this might be true…my God…China)

  12. Please let there be a war! We need to get rid of the Communist Democrats that’s in our country ! Your Democrat senators and Congress have sold this country out along with the Republican rhinos. Don’t take my word for it go back and look on what all the bills they voted on. Congress and senate.gov. They did it for the money and they did it for the hatred of this country. They hate Trump so bad because he can’t be bought ! They abuse the system to push the Russia gate and spent all this time trying to impeach him. This was all to discredit him but came out empty-handed with fake evidence and government officials lying under oath. They blame the coronavirus on him but if anybody remembers at the beginning of the year how all the Democrats came out and said it would never come to our country or it’s not as serious go back and review all the videos from news sources. The China war is coming whether you believe it or not. China wants to rule the world. If you don’t believe it that’s because you’re a communist Democrat that’s selling out your country. But be fair warned when it is time for war and there is chaos in the streets.What do you think the nationalist here are going to do? There’s not going to be enough police to keep you Democrats safe especially when you want to defund them.(( I know exactly what I’m going to be doing))

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