[Roundup] Get Paid $50 For Posting A Vaccine Selfie, Wine For $0.43+tax Per Bottle Shipped

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Get paid $20 – $50 for taking a vaccine selfie

  • Status challenges are too complicated. There are better ways to make sure loyalty programs aren’t wasting costly elite benefits on those who aren’t really eligible or won’t move their business. A good status match customer experience is crucial to win loyalty.

  • We just did a $1.9 trillion ‘stimulus’ when about $25 billion could have re-opened world trade and tourism, boosting global GDP.

    The biggest question for the world is whether the wealthier nations will put up the estimated $25 billion needed to jump-start a global vaccination campaign in a (relatively) timely manner. So far it appears that they will not — again, a supply-side issue. There did not seem to be much interest in putting such an expenditure into the American Rescue Plan, even though the resulting resumption of trade and migration would undoubtedly have benefited the U.S. by far more than $25 billion.

  • I am not a fan of the Wine Insiders Amex Offer because I don’t like most of the wine they’re selling and because there are so many gotchas, but Stephen Pepper lays out how to get 7 bottles of wine for 43 cents plus tax each by stacking. I still don’t like the terms of this offer though.

  • This is all sorts of wrong.

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  1. The “all sorts of wrong” photo could be monetized on only fans. Gary it might even pay more than credit card commissions you should look into it!! 😀

  2. You have to get a selfie of you receiving your shot, so anyone who is already vaccinated is out of luck. Drop caters to the young urban and edgy, so they probably haven’t gotten their shots yet. But for us older folks, just one more reason not to patronize that company.

  3. Gary, I’ve been trying to do the math on it and figure out approximately how many times over we could vaccinate the entire population of the world at the cost of one stimulus bill. I am thinking at least five times. Nothing would be better for the global economy, world trade, and our own safety than doing that, not to mention what should be obvious – it would save perhaps millions of lives and untold suffering. Letting the virus run rampant in some parts of the world runs the risk of allowing it to mutate and possibly develop a way around our vaccines. Stopping it allows the world to get on the path to a better future. It’s time to get a broader vision than vaccine nationalism and really get serious.

  4. It would be nice to think that we could just spend more money and it would remove COVID-19 immediately.
    The problem with the vaccines right now, is that the drug makers can’t simply make it fast enough.
    It takes in many cases months or years to build this manufacturing capacity to do this.

    We have been so focused on efficiency for many years. This allows us to focus on building, and shipping products, and delivering electricity as cheaply as possible. It’s great until there is a pandemic, stuck ship in the Suez, or a power failure.

    What we have to face is either the concept of paying more for some additional services, or learn to cope with the consequences.

  5. It doesn’t say you have to get your shot after April 2 in the terms, does it? I don’t see it. I have a selfie of getting my second shot. I will try!

    Also, on the gross passenger shot, I would do exactly what she did–take a picture and post it–tagging the airline so they could deal with it too (not BLAMING the airline, though). Normally, I am not for shaming people, but that type of grossiosity is way out of bounds. The person knows it. Then I would ask to move, of course.

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