[Roundup] Retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Could Fix Air Travel In 60 Days

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  1. Up until the late 1960s — when Baby Boomers started to enter the workforce in earnest — the labor participation rate was in the 58 to 60 percent range. As more Baby Boomers entered the workforce, the labor participation rate steadily climbed, reaching 66 to 67 percent around 1990. It stayed at that level for about 20 years. In 2010 — when the first Baby Boomers started to reach retirement age — the labor participation rate started to decline . . . and has consistently done so. In about ten or so years, the Baby Boomer “pig” will have gone all the way through the snake and the labor participation rate will likely be back down to the 58 to 60 percent range.

    Staffing is the issue. It will be a difficult issue to solve no matter who tackles it. And, it’s NOT related to politics.

  2. @Gary
    what would be the point of running the HKG to JFK flight via YVR if no traffic is allowed between yvr and jfk? why dont they just run a HKG-YVR nad back?
    I took that flight numerous times, it was great and at the time the only one to jfk, although now with jet blue it is not that crucail…

  3. Sorry, but no one could fix air travel in 60 days, not even God. Those outmoded regulations benefit someone, and they’re going to fight to keep them in place. But they’ll claim it’s for our own good, or safety, or the environment, anything but who they’re really for, some Special Interest.

    Definition of Special Interest – Someone who is not you.

  4. The dude is enjoying his diaper changes and afternoon nappy. Let it be!

  5. Somehow I suspect that the airlines could turn everything around in 60 days themselves if they just hired enough staff, and paid them properly, to operate the way they did before the feds shut everything down two years ago. Why is this so difficult to understand? “People don’t want to work?” Nonsense, pay them properly and they’ll happily come to work. With the cost of a flight these days, even with all the credits hanging out there, the airlines will soon be rolling in money again.

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