Rumored New Singapore Airlines 777X First Class

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  1. @ Gary — Could LH possibly be more stingy? I would love to see the numbers on what this will actually save them. The Singapore F suite looks amazing!

  2. Incredibly weak arguments to avoid alcohol at work events. I’m puzzled by the mention of Jeffrey Toobin. His case is a strong argument to keep your pants on at work events. Nothing to do with alcohol.

    To be sure, I’m open to discussion and changing my view, but after reading that article, I continue to believe alcohol should be available at fun-natured work events. Some people overcome alcohol addiction or other personal traumas related to alcohol, yes, and I am sympathetic to that, and I think the proper response — which is already in force — is to make clear that all drinking is voluntary, and to make clear that reckless party games like “shots! shots! shots!” are out of bounds. To go as far as removing all alcohol would mean a very significant negative effect on happiness at work.

    A very loose analogy is the argument that we should ban all sports cars from public roads because while some drivers get a lot of enjoyment, people whose ex-girlfriends were sports car drivers would feel excluded from the enjoyment or even hurt by the reminder of their ex-girlfriend every time they see a sports car on the road. That’s akin to the linked article’s argument #3 on banning alcohol at work.

  3. Not a huge fan of the Singapore Airlines first concept; I really don’t care to have my space taken up by a bathroom, especially not on an airline that already does a pretty reliable job of keeping the communal ones clean in F.

  4. The rumored SQ F suite would be an interesting development. Not quite the equivalent of EY Residence, but actually a wonderful arrangement for couples traveling together. I would not find it particularly a must-have if traveling solo, but I know if traveling long haul as a couple I would definitely consider this a premium hard product worth a premium $

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