[Roundup] Spruce Up Your CDC Vaccination Card

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  1. It’s mentioned in the article but bears repeating: take a picture of the front and back of your vaccination card and keep it on your phone. That way, in case you lose it, you have a copy. I suggest that you do the same for your driver’s license, passport, and any other essential documents.

  2. I took a photocopy of my CDC Vaccination card and laminated that. Remember there might be booster shots later in the future (they will put the booster shots under “Other”) so keep the original at a very safe place.

  3. The JetsFan needs to be reminded that not everyone uses their phone as a computer, but as a PHONE only.

  4. Delta has a huge problem. They have spent nearly a year telling passengers that flying in a middle seat on their aircraft or competing airlines was unsafe. Delta even hired PhDs and other scientists to produce videos saying so. These videos ran as ads on social media and other outlets. Delta is supposedly going to start booking middle seats at the end of April. This is problematic as the airline says, right now, that middle seats are unsafe. So, who wants to book a middle seat? Delta is going to have to figure this out. If I were Ed Bastian I would come up with a scheme to allow passengers to buy the middle seat for extra space or even a whole row of economy, particularly on long-haul flights, like Air New Zealand and some other foreign carriers do with so-called sky couches.

  5. Gary Leff what is your problem with Sara Nelson? You’ve been calling her out now by name…. Not a subtle hit job… Who’s paying you to do this?

  6. Where is the CDC card being accepted? I don’t know of any US or foreign official that will accept it as proof of vaccination.

  7. The flight attendants are going to be about as popular with the public as the teachers unions at the rate they are going.

    I’d be interested in the answer to MMT’s question. So far, despite lots of talk of a COVID passport, no one anywhere in the world has anything approaching one, not even the UK pub pass.

  8. How will they apply round #3 if you’ve laminated it? Just saying, it’s not a diamond. Vaccines aren’t (usually) forever.

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