How A Passenger Asked Out An American Airlines Flight Attendant – And Succeeded [Roundup]

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  1. The chances of her finding a straight male flight attendant are very low. Good for her.

  2. I was cheated out of the 175,000 points offered by Chase Signature card cuz the bank manager gave me the Chase Freedom card by mistake. When I tried to charge $3500 worth of jewelry from a store I have frequented for 25 years, the card came up as fraud. I needed to make the purchase so the proprietor knew me and I quickly made the purchase on my AmEx Platinum card with no problem. Later I discovered that I should have received the Chase Signature card but it was too late. I’m really miffed that I was jerked around by Chase and lost those points. To top it off, they sent me a new card bc of the fraud chard, and then before I got to my mailbox, there were 3 more fraud charges on that card which were not mine. I’m sure you recommend the Chase Signature card but I’m finished with them. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Otherwise I’ll just keep on using my AmEx Platinum card.

  3. If a man did this to a woman FA, he would be met with LEOs at the arrival gate.

  4. Great story not all male flight attendants are gay. Many including myself are married with families. Typical stereotyping for male flight attendants.

  5. Proves my point. The ugliest, fattest or most handicap woman can always find a guy. Guys on the other hand — no wonder so many guys are gay these days.

  6. I missed the disclaimer that the video was a re-creation . . . where is Tiffany Gomas when you need her?

  7. BREAKING NEWS: young women can score with near 100% success and no one ever thinks they’re being creepy. Film at 11.

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