RUMOR: United Airlines To “Stun The Competition” With New Narrowbody Business Class Seat

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  1. I’m Stunned every time I log into my United account and try to use my United points. 400K for a one-way business class ticket to Europe? Really? I’m stunned.

  2. There’s only so much you can do on a NB; but the new seat will have some innovative, desirable features. Will be deployed on the 321XLR and 737MAX10.

    You can take this to the bank… United’s announcement of a new narrowbody business class seat will come at the same time as a new, branded premium transcontinental product. Sort of a companion to Polaris.

  3. LOTS of stunning news to do with airlines. But one bit is not stunning … airplanes are full of germs. Imagine that? I have been ‘wiping down my environment’ for several years, but now I guess I’ll have to bring an extra one in order to wipe down the seat-back pocket and all its contents.

  4. since there are less than a handful of commercial airline seat manufacturers in the world, it is doubtful that UA will stun with anything. The core seat offerings are known to all of the airlines.

  5. Glad they are pushing better narrow body seats but it’s all moot if the service is just average. Won’t use domestic carriers for any international since I retired. I’ll take an extra 6 hours on TK or QR anytime to avoid average.

  6. I am stunned whenever a United Airlines flight departs on time and the cabin crew aren’t rude. It’s rare.

  7. If you don’t give your immune system something to do, it’s going to find something to do, and the results often are not pretty. Play in the dirt!

  8. LH serving goose. HAH! Used to served all December in 1st, biz and premium economy. Hasn’t been served for a few years. Wish they would bring it back

  9. Greg,
    except UA’s last profit margin fell. AA did better than UA and UA ended up at the back of the pack among the big 4.

  10. I had the goose on a LH flight in November in business class a few years ago and it was stunningly good.

  11. Serving goose as airline food is actually a good idea. Because it’s primarily dark meat with a lot of fat, it can tolerate a lot of mishandling without going dry, like the ubiquitous chicken breast. Duck, especially duck confit (legs), would be another one. I think I’ve seen lamb shank served on BA.

    Which makes me think airline should stop serving foods that just don’t do well on airlines and serve foods that do. Unfortunately most Americans won’t eat those “exotic” foods.

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