Russian Opposition Politician Removed From Flight Unconscious After Second Poisoning

An S7 airlines flight Tomsk to Moscow diverted Thursday morning to Omsk in Siberia after a passenger on board – opposition politician Alexei Navalny – fell ill. He became unconscious after an apparent poisoning, the second time he’s been poisoned. It’s believed that poison was placed into tea that he drank at the airport prior to departure.

Flight S7-2614 operated by a Boeing 737 spent just 1 hour and 17 minutes on the ground before continue on to Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, arriving 2 hours and 3 minutes behind schedule.

A passenger on board took video of the opposition leader being removed from the aircraft, and a photo has surfaced from Tomsk of him drinking the suspected tea in the airport that may have been the source of the poison – the hot liquid, reportedly the only thing he had to drink that day, causing the poison to enter his system more quickly.

In 2007 the Capitol Steps recorded a parody of Love Potion #9 called Polonium 209, a sendup of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with Polonium-210. Lukashenko was a former Russian FSB officer who received political asylum in the U.K. after writing critically of Vladimir Putin and describing Putin’s rise to power by illegitimate means including ordered assasinations.

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  1. @FlyingBoat
    Really? Are you that fricking stupid?. Only Qanon nutcases believe that BS. If this is a defense of your guy Putin, it does not hold water. i

  2. Gee, wonder who poisoned him? Being a Putin opponent or even indirectly criticizing him or his governance is so healthy. Remember the doctors who complained about Russia’s Coronavirus response and three of them fell from windows? Apparently the Russians fear being too subtle with their assassination attempts, as this illustrates.

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