Sad: Worst Passenger of 2019 Has Died in Thailand

Back in January there was a ‘bad passenger’ story so terrible and disgusting that it reverberated on both sides of the Pacific.

A man insisted that EVA Air flight attendants provide assistance to him in the bathroom — assistance he may not have needed, but apparently enjoyed. I won’t repeat the excruciating details, if you want to refresh your memory you can check out the story yourself.

After this incident the flight attendants union demanded,

  • The airline ban the passenger
  • The flight attendants traumatized by the incident be allowed time off
  • The carrier hire male flight attendants [though it’s not clear to me what they’d have done in this situation]

Unfortunately much of the Taiwanese coverage of this incident focused on the man’s age and weight for why the incident was disgusting — rather than the specifics of what happened.

(Credit:Taiwan English News)

There was some discussion not long after the incident that the man might have purchased another ticket on EVA Air in spite of the ban. Regardless he was likely to need to fly home from Thailand to the U.S.

However @tarheeljason flags that in processing refunds for remaining travel so that the man wouldn’t fly home on EVA Air the carrier learned that he had passed away. Translated via Google translate,

Cheng Zhaojun, the chief of the EVA Air Insurance Office, said that EVA Air is in the process. When the passenger was informed that he would refuse to carry him in the future, he learned that the passenger had died of illness in Su Mei Island in early March, and the company subsequently carried out subsequent refunds with his family

The flight attendants involved in the incident did receive their requested leave, by the way.

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  1. I don’t get why this is sad. 150k people die worldwide every day. I’d shed a tear for about 149,999 of them before this guy.

  2. I got from Phuket last month. The andaman sea was beautiful but the rest was touristy as hell. The worst thing about it was seeing all the gross old white men with Thai girls and knowing they were taking advantage of them. This guy clearly has a fetish that was similar and because of that I wish he died sooner. Your saying they focused on his weight and age but guess what Gary, if he wasn’t that fat and gross he probably wouldn’t be in that situation would he. He’s not handicap, he’s overweight, that’s most peoples excuse. Being fat shouldn’t be a handicap if it’s self imposed. Can I twist my ankle on purpose so I can get a wheelchair through the airport? In MOST cases people are fat cause they don’t care about their health and don’t want to TRY to work out. Go on YouTube, there’s a ton of overweight people who decided to be healthier and guess what they lost weight. In saying that, this guy is a lazy fat gross piece of sh-t and I’m glad he’s dead. Any men like him or that visit Thailand to fulfill their perversions should be executed. For once I wish these airlines would provide the proper American service he deserves but thankfully he’s dead

  3. Damn- there is a lot of assumptions flying around and lack of compassion. Ya’ll know nothing about this man nor his circumstances. Comments like these make me embarrassed to be a human being at times.

  4. @Will a bit harsh, though unfortunately generally true. It’s not only old white guys, there are plenty of gross Asian men taking advantage of young Thais as well.

  5. @Will @Belinda “take advantage” implies that there is not consent. Whatever you may think of this particular side of tourism in Thailand, the fact remains that it is a large source of money for a large number of families. Some jobs are unpleasant, and these jobs usually pay more. This is true whether you are talking about trash collection or “escorting” tourists who probably can’t get companionship for free.

    @tommyleo This guy’s actions were sad. His death is also sad.

  6. @Will
    That’s a gross oversimplification. The situation /circumstances of sex workers can’t be explained away as merely exploitation by fat white guys. People go into sex work for many and varied reasons: some are trafficked on the basis that an income is needed to support impoverished rural families, others are led to it by having no vocational skills, others through addiction and the consequent need for income, perhaps a very small minority by choice.( ie, not dissimilar from many other countries…except perhaps for the visibility factor).
    The reasons are complex but it’s drawing a very long bow to equate sex work/ sex tourists with this sad and pathetic man.
    It’s something of an insult to imply that foreigners visiting /living in Thailand are only interested in sex: the reality is that it’s a relatively small sector relative to total visitor/expat numbers.

  7. @Andy you are out of your mind if you think these girls WANT to sexually service men or have any choice in the matter. They are told to do so by family. The alternative is to be homeless or starve. That is not a choice.

    This man’s death is karma. Pure and simple. This is precisely the type of person who takes advantage of women in any situation. Any. Whether its making rude comments to women, denigrating women, or use a situation to exploit women.

  8. So if your daughter was a sex worker you’d say no big deal? She chose it because she liked it right?

    @andy your a fucking retard. So because they “consent” it’s okay? they have less opportunities in a poorer country meaning the person who has money is taking advantage of a persons situation. Do you think any girl on EARTH wants to sleep with random men for money if they didn’t have to? Many if not most women in sex work/ prostitution were either raised with little self esteem, told they wouldn’t be good at anything else, raised to believe this was the best/only way or didn’t have the knowledge or resources to get a better job. So if I show up to your poor country with a resource you desire your going to do what you have to to get it wether you want to or not your going to “consent” because you need money.

    We’re on a blog right now about flying business and first class, so I’m sure no one here is going to understand wha it means to be that poor but no matter what a million girls tell you, no woman is happy providing sexual favors to strangers. No woman with self esteem makes those choices. You have to be in a low self esteem place to even consider what these women decide to do.

    There’s girls in America, a country with tremendous wealth and opportunities, why is their still strippers and prostitutes? Because they have low self esteem. So when a person goes to a poorer country to do that exact same shit it’s to have an even bigger ADVANTAGE over the even poorer girl.

    So if your saying it’s okay because they “consent” then clearly I know your dumb as fuck. An intelligent person would know that truly dire circumstances lead to someone believing they have to sell their body. That’s how you gross fucks rationalize your own perversions. Well next time remember that girl your paying wether she’s a stripper or sex worker would gladly be somewhere else if someone along the way would have helped her up and told her she was worth something but because we’ve conditioned women by continuing to pay them you make them believe it’s okay and so they continue.

    All of you should go read a psychology book, your lack of clarity about the human race is pitiful.

    Oh and your right it’s not only old white men I agree, I was just pointing out that’s what I noticed. But no matter the color or the age all these men are exploiting women’s “consent” due to a dire circumstance.

  9. it is sad – so you can click in & read it.

    he deserved what he got based on his actions, not on what he was, regardless of how big or small he was physically or socially.

  10. @Will, you are using Western standards on a “culture” that thrive on such an industry. My wife and her family have boycotted Phuket because of your same concerns and the wild manner that “tourists” conduct themselves there.

    For these Thai girls, they are the ones taking advantage of the twice as old and fat western sex tourists. These “girls” usually hail from the Northeast area of Thailand (Issan). They come to Bangkok, and other touristy areas looking for “victims”. Some are sent by their families to help financially support their household.

    Not that I support the profession, but it seems that all are adults and the benefits are reciprocal like the symbiotic relationship between the crocodile and the plover bird.

  11. Actually, when I read he died, I wondered if he had some kind of brain damage, like from strokes. His actions on the EVA Airlines are not normal behavior, even for one of Will’s “gross old white men” with a “fetish”.

  12. I read so much shear garbage about Thais and Thailand that it is infuriating . Lara S and Will think they have it all figured out and know just what the situation is with people they don’t know and can not possibly understand .
    Too bad the fat guy had such a sad life. He did it to himself evidently. His behavior on the flight was definitely worthy of no fly status . The flight attendants involved really deserve special rewards for tolerance .

  13. Only fair to add that I too often see tourists that I don’t want to talk to or be associated with who are quite an embarrassment, mostly Caucasian I admit .

  14. @Zilfo your seriously slow. You think the women prey on the men cause they want to, learn to fuckin read, I said they do it because their made to believe they have to by their families or are made to feel like its the only way. AGAIN, all these girls have slow self esteem for one reason or another. No person with self esteem or confidence makes these choices. When you say they go to Bangkok they could easily get other jobs that dont pay as much but why do they chose this profession because theyve been made to believe its the best way to get money. they’ve been made to believe there is no other choice or their not worthy of doing something else. You can tell me I dont understand the culture of a place but I do understand something clearly you other men dont. No matter where you are in the world, whatever your excuse is about the culture, NO GIRL WANTS TO BE A SEX WORKER. You think in any country in the world if you offered a woman to make the same amount of money as she makes in the sex trade doing something else she would still chose to sleep with men? your wrong.

    “Some are sent by their families to help financially support their household.” Literally your words, which I already pointed out you dumb fuck. (exactly my point that their made to believe its the only way). Answer me why not EVERY GIRL in thailand is a sex worker if its part of their culture? because the majority of girls had people around them to tell them it wasnt the best choice. Oh and you wanna mention Issan, you know what I know about Issan, those families are sending girls under 17 to have sex with grown men. You think a 14-17 year old has the cognitive development or self esteem, power or position to know theres not a better choice. That is a girls most impressionable age. So tell me I dont know culture (even though I am aware your just hella stupid) but I do know that young girls, any young girls under 22 or 25 even lets say are VERY IMPRESSIONABLE.

    You think girls that grow up ANYWHERE in the world who having loving and caring families they tell them their worth something decide to become sex workers? NO. Plus those men are not victims, they flew all the way to Thailand for what? people who are there on normal vacations with their spouses or families don’t even pay attention to what these girls are doing. These men are victims of their own desire. They are literally flying across the world with the intention to pay someone for sex.

    I also wanna point out how theres quite a few men telling me I dont understand but the one woman who commented is in exact agreement. Always a man to tell woman why they do something. Like I said before, all your doing is attempting to rationalize your perversions whatever level they are.

    @Dalo with people I cant possibly understand? no see where your wrong is I’m human and I empathize with humans. I don’t need to know a culture to know why some people do certain things. ANY WOMAN that sells her body doesnt want to. She might look you in the eye tell you shes happy but its a lie. ASK A FUCKING WOMAN FOR GOD SAKES. yall are so stupid. Have you ever had a real conversation with strippers, dancers or sex workers besides asking them for a lap dance or to fuck you?

    Theres documentaries, articles, shit you can watch cops and see the woman they pick up who prostitution have been through some bull shit. abuse, drugging, kidnapping, and yet its a “symbiotic” relationship right?

    Is there ANY WOMEN here to chime in ? since weve already heard enough men who think they know. When theres multiple woman on here arguing your point I’ll agree with you, but until then ya’ll have left comments to forever make you look like disgusting humans trying to rationalize why you have to spend money for some womens attention.

  15. By the way, look up the worlds general health 150 years ago. Hardly anyone was fat. In fact most of the western world has been fat because of our shitty eating habits. I’ve been to asia, the middle east and Europe and I’ll tell you I saw almost no obese people. It’s only happening now because globalization across the world with places like mcdonalds and other poor quality food has been introduced to peoples traditional diets.

    So to an extent its not a single humans fault. its societys for no longer prioritizing health and instead prioritizing money. Also physical activity is down due to phone use and being on the computer or tv all day.

    Again, victims of our own desire at the end of the day. Its within a persons own sheer will to SEEK OUT KNOWLEDGE, MONEY, or how to PROCURE MORE TIME to make better choices.

  16. @Will is right about one thing: America exporting disease and death all over the world: Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Krispy Kreames, Starbucks ( with their 1600 calorie drink), KFC, Donut King. Determined to suck every last buck out of every market, even if it eventually kills the customer.
    Putrid companies, masters of deceit and manipulation but ultimately nothing but merchants of death.
    It’s a pity more airports don’t ban them along with the chicken nutters.

  17. I just hope the little girl under Jabba the Tunt didn’t get crushed when his greasy fat heart gave out. What scum.

  18. I think it’s sad when a human being passes away.
    I’m not sad for what he did to that FA though as that’s clearly documented.
    I do know if I were the FA who had to do that task, I doubt I’d be sad for his death (as mean and heartless as that sounds.)

  19. @Will “NO GIRL WANTS TO BE A SEX WORKER. You think in any country in the world if you offered a woman to make the same amount of money as she makes in the sex trade doing something else she would still chose to sleep with men? your wrong.”

    Sorry Will but you are wrong. I will share with you a story that I watched play out over the last six months. A close friend of mine is a sex worker in Pattaya. She is beautiful and quite popular. She routinely gets paid more than the going rate. Because she is so pretty she has guys constantly wanting to take care of her and take her out of the bar life and she consistently turns them down. I know this is true because I see the text messages and see the crazy amount of money they give her. She earns over 100k THB a month on average which is 10x what an unskilled Thai earns.

    So this Greek guy comes along late last year and falls in love with her. He wants to be her boyfriend and he treats her really well. He too offers to take her out of the bar life. He says he will get her a luxury condo in Bangkok, pay all her expenses and send her 100k a month on top of that for her family. I encouraged her to accept his offer and take a break and she did. She moved to a very nice condo in Bangkok and had more than she had while working in Pattaya. Keep in mind that she liked this guy. I video chat with her several times a week and as the months passed I could see the writing on the wall. She missed the lifestyle and I could tell. She longed to go back to Pattaya and back to work. I knew it was only a matter of time. After about 3 months of living the easy life with loads of money and a beautiful home she moved back to Pattaya and back to work. She did exactly what you say no woman would do.

    She, like all of the bar girls I know, chooses who she goes with. There are only certain types of men that she will go with and they are young, fit, good looking men that can easily get women for free. She doesn’t go with old or fat men because she does not have to. She names her price. She comes and goes as she pleases and no one tells her what to do.

    I am sure you will come up with some explanation about why you are not wrong but the fact is I have a personal relationship with four bar girls and have casual relationships with many more. I have met their families. I have seen been to their homes in Issan. I know more about these girls, their families, their homes, their culture and the reasons they do what they do than you ever will and the truth of the matter is that it is complicated. You can’t make blanket judgments about why they do what they do. Each one is a unique and special individual that has their own reasons and circumstances that has led them to this lifestyle. Instead of coming here and spouting off about psychology books that you have read, why don’t you try actually developing a relationship with a couple of these girls and get some first hand knowledge and understanding?

  20. I was hoping that when I was old and fat and alone that I had chance somewhere in this world….

  21. @Will. You won’t be taken seriously until you clean up your language, grammar and spelling.
    A word of advice from an old white guy … who used to layover at the Bangkok Intercontinental Hotel when I was a young white guy

  22. Gotta agree with the sentiment that, if he required assistance he should have to travel with a paid attendant. His “needs” are not the fault of the airline or the flight attendants nor is it the responsibility of the former to tend to his personal needs beyond providing him access to appropriate facilities.

    Sorry he died? Not really. Didn’t know him and he sounds like an all-round jerk.

  23. In fact about nine tenths of the sex trade in Thailand is “Thai on Thai”. It goes without saying that it’s not very evident or remarked upon.

    Granted, the sight of old white, foreign men with Thai girls is sad and pathetic.

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