San Diego Airport Lounge Access for (Almost) Everyone

The Airspace Lounge opened last summer.

There are (4) ways to access the lounge, which encompasses pretty much everyone:

  • There’s no more American Airlines Admirals Club in San Diego, but Admirals Club members have access to the Airspace Lounge and indeed there’s an agent at the desk who can assist as though you were in an American club.

  • This is a stylish lounge with food and beverages, and you can also get in with an American Express Platinum card. In fact, you’re better off entering with an Amex Platinum because then you’re given a $10 food and beverage voucher to use in the lounge.

  • British Airways and JAL business class passengers have access to the lounge. (And have some off-menu food options as well, like sandwiches, which if you ask nicely you can have even as a guest coming in some other way.)

  • Actually, anyone can access the lounge. It’s $25… and that comes with a $10 food and beverage voucher so for someone who would spend money on airport snacks that’s like a net cost of $15, which while not nothing is certainly on the cheap side for an airport lounge.

There’s a nice bar, comfortable furniture, and the space is bright overlooking airport operations.

Here’s the menu: (Click to enlarge)

Pro tip: If you have an American Express Platinum card, why not stop in the lounge on your way out of the airport on arrival, grab the $10 food and beverage credit and order something? They will gladly give it to you to go. Small bottles of water are complimentary, too, they’ll give you as many as wish. Perfect for the road!

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  1. Where is it exactly in terminal 2? Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t find it on the maps. I will be traveling out of SAN this week and don’t want to go the United lounge. Thanks.

  2. Ahh… But American Airline One World Emerald and Sapphire members can’t enter the lounge if in Y on BA or JL?

    Thanks for the info.

  3. some mediocre-ish cookies and fruit are complimentary as well. I was pleasantly surprised by this lounge and my AMEX Platinum access (along with $10 chit) to it when I was stuck in SAN recently. Past security in Terminal 2 and I forget exactly which direction but not more than 100 yards from security, just to the right I think.

    Very peaceful, nice view of the tarmac (so I could see when my plane came in plus of course just idly watch planes go by), and the AA agent at the desk even hooked me up with a backup connection in DFW (which was having an ice storm) just in case my travel went haywire. I haven’t been in many lounges yet (and all domestic US so far) but it’s my second fave now after DFW Centurion…

  4. Sounds like a downgrade for Admirals Club members. Barely any free food and no free alcoholic drinks? I don’t understand why AA did this. Between AC members, BA, and JL flights they couldn’t make an AC work?

  5. Having been a long time regular of the original Admirals Club in San Diego I for one am deeply disappointed.
    First complaint is the cramped entranceway and those poor lovely long time dedicated agents without a desk stuck at what looks like stand up podium kiosks. What were they thinking?
    The offerings are stingy and meager and an insult to all One World passengers though the small space is lovely enough
    We were a party of 2 however there wasn’t a single seat on a chair or at the bar as they are trying to serve all US Airways passenger’s Americans Japan Airlines and their delayed flights and any other one world partner. We were forced to sit in the terminal. What’s the point of a membership?
    Added to that and off topic US Airways lost our luggage upon departure non stop to Phoenix
    No biggie except that US Airways wouldn’t answer there phone for 2 days 🙁
    Was a great experience :)sigh

  6. The odd (and nice) thing about this AirSpace lounge is that some alcoholic drinks are free. Might have something to do with the BA tie-in. I did stop in to this lounge AFTER my flight when I had 20 minutes to kill to avoid an extra day’s car rental charge. I got the charcuterie plate to go: it was great for breakfast the next morning.

  7. Just used this lounge, which unfortunately was longish walk from Southwest gates. But it was pleasantly quiet. Biggest tip: You need your actual Platinum Amex card, as the Priority Pass lounge card is of no help.

  8. alcohol is free.. not sure why people are saying it’s not? It’s just the cheap stuff you always get in a lounge, unless you pay for the good stuff with the $10 you get with the amex plat.

    You can get it with either Admirals Club membership, Lounge Club, or Amex Plat (best deal). Located immediately after security on the left, it’s a small, inconspicuous door. Much better than any other lounge offering in SAN, until United steps their lounge game up there which may take awhile.

  9. Late reply here —- but can you access the lounge if you’re flying out Terminal 1 via Southwest? Wasn’t sure if I could get through Terminal 2 security with a Southwest ticket. Anyone try or know the answer?

  10. @Ryan: You will have to go through separate security in terminal 2, but this is allowed.

  11. I was flying first class with six other family members to the Bahamas for my 60th birthday this past June. I was turned down to enter the lounge because I was told I had to be a club member or have a platinum Amex credit card. Never once was I given any other option. Very disappointed!!!! Don’t think I’ll waste my money on first class ever again.

  12. The Airspace Lounge has now started to offer carrots , celery, tomatoes with ranch dressing also
    Cheese cubes and crackers (not the good ones but soda crackers.) which is a step in the right direction. I would like them to add soup but am not going to expect that to happen.
    In the morning they have bagels and cream cheese.
    Alcohol is bottom shelf but liberally poured to taste and the bar staff are really nice.
    I would love to see this go back to a AC someday.

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