Saturday Night Live Spoofed Delta. Why Real Life is Much Funnier.

Saturday Night Live spoofed Delta, or at least spoofed flight attendants who happened to work for Delta. They sing, freak out, and well that’s a couple minutes of my life I won’t get back. (Thanks to Paul H. for blowing a few minutes of my morning.)

Here’s the thing: there are real flight attendants who are so much funnier. For instance, take a look at this Southwest flight attendant that’s been viewed on YouTube nearly 22 million times.

And I actually prefer the rapping Southwest flight attendant.

And my favorite.

    “The disco lights on the floor shall lead you to the exits”

    “It is a life vest, not a toilet seat cover.”

    “What I noticed during the boarding process, an awful lot of you need a little fashion consultation.” (And he’s wearing tennis shoes, shorts, and a button down shirt with American flag tie.)

    “It’s $2200 for tampering with the smoke detector in the lavatory. And you know if you had $2200 you’d be on United Airlines in first class..”

Watch the whole thing, it ends well:

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  1. I obviously have a different definition of the word “hilarious” I guess what comes to mind for me after watching these are words like lame and cringe-worthy. To each their own I guess.

    To me it would be utter hell to be a poor passenger who had the great misfortune to fly on the same routes with these flight attendants on a regular basis and be subjected to this Catskills-like comedy routine every time they fly. Southwest. Talk about getting old quickly. You are providing a public service though Gary by reminding business travelers why they should never seriously consider flying Southwest on a regular basis.

    My most recent experience with Southwest was flying from Orlando to Atlanta where we were all treated to one of these comedic Southwest flight attendants. We took off on time & 45 minutes later we landed in ATL…..where we sat for over an hour waiting for a gate open. It ended up being an hour and 15 minutes later, after a 45 minute flight, when we finally pulled into the gate and started to de-plane (11:15pm). The comedic flight attendant, who couldn’t keep her mouth shut during the pre-boarding and during the flight, literally did not say a single word as an update during the hour and 15 minute wait. She finally spoke as we pulled up to the gate and the doors opened and she had the nerve to crack one more lame joke on the way out. Here’s an idea, cut the open mic night and just get me to my destination and the terminal on time. How about that?

  2. RoloT,

    I have been flying for business for the last 12 years, last year a lot of that has been on southwest. I have also flown many international destinations and budget airlines in Europe.

    Flight delays and gate issues happen to all of them. I have had to switch a aa plane four times once before we took off 6 hours later, with the 3rd crew by then.

    But happy people make for a better flight. I still recall being scolded by United flight attendants while in business class. I have seen them being rude to countless people, just grumpy all the time.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, southwest has let me deposit luggage late (and got it on the plane with 15 mins of flight) and let me switch the flight and board onto a plane whose door was about to close. Ryanair let us run to the gate when we got to the airport 20 minutes before takeoff, at their hub near London, not a tiny airport…and even had an additional empty bus waiting to take just us to the plane. Is just doesn’t happen with United or aa.

    Delta flight attendants are actually very good and nice to passengers. I love flying with them, but don’t much due to skypesos.

  3. Attempts by cabin personnel at live in-flight entertainment are wasted on me and likely on most other frequent flyers.

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