The Saudi King’s Plane Uses a Golden Escalator. Watch It Break.

The King of Saudi Arabia made his first-ever visit to Moscow on Wednesday. On arrival the king’s team rolled up a golden escalator to the plane instead of stairs. Hijinks ensued.

After Salman’s plane landed, the Saudis rolled out a golden escalator — instead of stairs — to the plane’s exit door for the king to use as he deplaned.With his head held high, Salman stepped onto the majestic escalator, but a few seconds into his graceful descent, the escalator froze, as if it had been turned off suddenly.Salman stood in place for nearly 30 seconds unsure what to do before finally deciding to walk the rest of the way down.

I have several reactions to this.

  • Now the Saudi King knows how every DC metro rider feels.
  • In March the King brought two golden escalators to Japan. This time he was economizing, and he learned a lesson. You always need a backup golden escalator.
  • What do you think happened to the mechanics?
  • How many US government employees have now been tasked with acquiring a golden escalator for Air Force One?
  • Maybe the Saudis could use Delta miles for a replacement golden escalator?

(HT: @RussPtacek)

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  1. LOL!
    Too bad the arrogant prick didn’t fall and crack his precious little melon open.

  2. Trump will see this and demand the biggest golden staircase. Believe me.. I will tell you that…it’s gonna be great!

  3. >Robert says:
    >> Who really cares? And why make fun of the man? This post is wrong on so many levels.

    If you can’t see why the prospect of a king with absolute power (in the 21st century!) flying to visit another near-absolute ruler, carrying along a golden escalator to enhance his regal dignity, and then having that ridiculous piece of ostentation fail… is funny, then perhaps you live in the wrong century. Or are visiting the wrong website, maybe.

  4. It was reported in the Japanese press that it cost $300,000 to transport and install the escalators.

  5. I can see Trump actually needing one of these to haul his increasingly old fat ass onto his plane. Needn’t be gold I suppose, but it’s what you get used to, hey?

  6. there’s nothing Islamic about these freemason controlled clowns….golden escalators?? Seriously….what would the Prophet (pbuh) say If he was alive today….

  7. Yes TRUMP Is…….Fake Tan “orange Glow”, raccoon eyes and one of the Worst flock of hair on Any Human Being. and Yes, One Old Fat Ass to Go with His Foul Mouth. tillerson was right, “A Fn Moron” days are numbered

  8. If you want to tiredly and unfairly bash Trump, how about you go to one of the plethora of alt-left sites and spew your vitriol over there? Sick of crybaby leftist Nazis…

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