Saudia Business Class Trip Report: Lahore – Riyadh

Pakistani Correspondent continues her guest post describing the experience flying Saudia business class, which she redeemed using American Express Membership Rewards points transferred to Delta.

Here’s her previous installment:

And now P.C. continues with her flight from Lahore to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

Once again, the business class cabin was empty! I could pick any seat I wanted and have all the pillows. Apparently, they had to balance the plane so they moved 3-4 people from economy to join the cabin.

The seats were spacious and this time the audio worked!

The journey started with some green tea

For breakfast, I got the lentil and lamb stew aka mushed up baby food (bad choice)

Also, the pictures does not lie: there was a fly in the cabin. Gross.

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  1. Lentil and lamb stew picture is horrible. I don’t want to say but looks like my dog p**ked.

    I wonder who were those chosen elite people from economy who marched into business class. Do I have to travel Saudia to be that lucky?

  2. Mercy! Lentil and lamb stew looks more like a baby’s diaper than baby food.

    “ALL THE PILLOWS!” I’m gonna use that line.

  3. And now we know why the business class is almost empty for that flight. Who would pay extra for that pleasure? Sometimes it isn’t just about the seat.

  4. @TK with Gary’s magic, the 120k redemption on Delta, only ended up being 100k on net (20% bonus back). Taxes for the whole trip were $50 or so. Plus the ~$10 chump change for the truly hidden fees that I had to fork out to the ticketing agent at Lahore airport.

  5. @ Gary – I have never flown Delta award so I am not an authority but I guess 120k miles from the origin city of Saudia flight. What if you are flying from some other place like SFO or LAX, then finding delta connecting flight would be a tougher challenge than IAD-JED route. Right?

  6. Great trip report. Much more interesting than the usual CX/SQ/LH etc that we normally see.
    Hope to see more like this in future.

  7. @Gary – I am really surprised with the low taxes on P.C’s ticket. I recently booked mine from Washington to Lahore round trip using skymiles and my taxes came up to $151 per ticket. I wonder why?

  8. I think we have a winner for most disgusting picture ever posted on “View from the Wing”. Wow. Is there any competition?

  9. It would be appreciated if you would have taken a picture of that dish BEFORE throwing it up.

  10. Hmmmm…. Choice of eggs…. Or lentil and lamb stew???
    Let no one ever complain about UA eggs! LOL
    Funniest comments ever

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