Schedule Change Causes Fantastic American Airlines Premium Cabin Award Space to South America

The schedule for American Airlines’ Miami – Santiago flight AA957 switches on April 14:

Oddly we never see Sunday or Monday departures from the US, or Thursday/Friday returns to the US available.

(In early November the late AA957 becomes a 767, and a second earlier flight on an unreconfigured 777 is added to the schedule.)

Dallas departures to Santiago become wide open in first class on Wednesdays and Fridays only during the summer months… while return availability from Santiago to Dallas is wide open pretty much every day except Thursday and Friday.

Using the most common miles for this route:

  • American charges 62,500 miles per person each way for US-South American in first class. You can add connecting flights onto this on both ends as-available at that price point.

  • US Airways charges the same price as American.

  • British Airways charges 75,000 miles per person each way in first class for just this segment. There are no fuel surcharges.

For reference here’s the Ultimate Guide to Constructing an International Award Ticket Using American Miles.

(HT: kd5mdk at Traveling Better)