Screaming Deal: North Korea’s Air Koryo $9 All-In Mistake Fare is Systemwide, and Even Works for Business Class

North Korean state airline Air Koryo’s $9 all-in mistake fare was first discovered on the Pyongyang – Vladivostok route.

It turns out that the fare sale is much broader. In fact, it’s systemwide. All routes, and classes of service.

You can fly between any of the cities they currently serve:

You can book Beijing – Pyongyang roundtrip, in business class even for $0 plus online booking fee or $9 all-in.

Let’s take a closer look:

Now, you may be skeptical that this fare will be honored. After all, no DOT rules require it. And even if they did, North Korea has nuclear weapons.

Let me reassure you. Air Koryo’s online web bookings are reliable.

In fact, Air Koryo is proud of its comprehensive online booking capability.

You can make a convenient reservation on Air Koryo booking channel available day and night.

At the time of reservation, you can request any service on demand in advance.

∙ On-line reservation 
 You can make a reservation and direct purchase of tickets online anytime, anywhere.

Online bookings are even more secure, they’re the only reservations that do not require re-confirmation.

You are to be reconfirmed and revalidated of booking up to 72 hours before aircraft departure. Such reconfirmation and revalidation can be done at all overseas Air Koryo offices. Non-observance of these requirements would be leaded to automatic cancellation of booking.

∙ On-line reservation 
On-line reservation makes you free from reconfirmation and revalidation of booking.

No need to re-confirm or revalidate. Book online, and you’re fine.

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  1. Maybe this is a trick to get a bunch of North Americans to visit North Korea so they can throw everyone in the slammer…I’d be shocked if they honor this one and more power to anyone willing to go there!

  2. Beijing is the best option I think, as far as I know they don’t let tourists other than Russians go via VVO. Still will need an agent to book the rest but why not cut out a few hundred and have a mistake fare to remember!

  3. In light of the CTA ruling in favour of LX in the Yangon fare and the call for submissions by the US DOT on their post-purchase price increase protections, may I respectfully suggest that calling anything a “mistake” is doing nobody any favours.

  4. Well titled post.

    Attempt to get on the plane in Pyong Yang and there’ll be some screaming, alright.

  5. Gary, do you realize that whoever screwed up at Air Koryo may ACTUALLY BE SHOT if people book this?

  6. @Arcanum

    I know you’re serious, but don’t shoot the messenger (haha) it’s the fault of the people pulling the literal trigger, not Gary.

  7. @Ken wrote “Are u that desperate for hits on your site? Who in their right mind would go to North Korea.”

    While I do think it would be fascinating to visit North Korea (I haven’t been) I do not actually recommend doing it via a mistake fare. I posted this because I found it really amusing/funny, which says something about my ‘quirky’ sense of humor I suppose.

  8. @Ken – I have questioned some of Gary’s post in this one (not this one, which seems tongue-in-cheek, and I’m grateful for his bringing it to our attention).

    However, making comments about anyone’s weight or other physical appearance is unacceptable. Please keep discussions on topic.

  9. Gary:

    This does smack of desperation and not your quirky sense of humor. Maybe you are getting burned out or something, but you really should consider a sabbatical and reconsider your entire approach to blogging. Maybe your time has passed.

  10. @timmer1001 not sure what’s desperate about it, certainly some people were amused — but with all such things i’ve ever written, not everyone!! thanks for your concern for my well being, though. I feel great! (And was smiling the whole time I wrote this.)

  11. : )
    Can’t wait to go.

    (Can anyone tell me why trolls READ blogs that they profess to hate/disrespect? A hint for those idiots: DON’T READ IT. It will make life better for us all.)

  12. Well… I tried to book the tickets. 4 times. On 3 machines. The confirmation page just never comes on and it’s impossible to actually book the tickets.

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