Screaming Passenger Hit People With Bible, Made Children Cry

Back in the fall a woman caught the Spirit during a mechanical delay of a Cayman Airways flight and uncontrollably called on Jesus.

Yesterday a 47 year old woman onboard a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Brisbane began singing and chanting 20 minutes after boarding and continued throughout the flight.

Nearby children began to cry. Crew and passengers tried to calm the woman down. She “swatted them away” with her bible, and kept right on shrieking.

The woman was taken off the plane by police on arrival in Brisbane. She continued her tirade, and was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

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  1. Okay, how is this different from the vice president claiming that he hears a voice talking to him inside his head? This lady is taken away for a psych eval and the person who suggested that the vice president hearing voices inside his head might need a psych eval is raked over the coals for it?

  2. @ Farnorthtrader: It’s the violent outbursts, Jethro. Does it hurt when you think?

  3. @J.C.

    Hypocrite pence commits even more cowardly violence by discriminating and denying the constitutional rights to groups he doesn’t agree with.

  4. @ SadStateOfOurNation: Unless you have concrete evidence you can provide, you are smelling like just another whiny little bitch.

  5. All religion is nuts. Having a crazy Christian as vice president and having this lady as vice president is equally crazy. It’s time we start treating Christianity and other religions the same as we treat any other people who claim to be talking to voices inside their head.

  6. @ Ray: As much as I agree that all religions are a crock of shite, we must remember that America is a nation of the crazies, by the crazies and for the crazies, so help us Chief Crazy. Some of our finest presidents were card-carrying nutjobs. Trying to get rid of these people now is an exercise in futility. As far as I see it, the best we can hope for is that the federal courts will chip away at their fringe outbursts.

  7. A new way of exorcism LOL
    Pray doesnt work, the bible can be a weapon, next it will be banned from the carry on luggage.

  8. will you liberal left wing democrat President Trump haters cut it out!!! this is a TRAVEL BLOG NOT A left wing hate speech opportunity!! Join your buddy Obamas’ Organizing for action group OFA for further left wing instructions!!!

  9. So we sit here and insult people because of their faith (yes, I am an atheist and no, I am not talking about the mentally ill women, I’m referring to posts in the comments section), and then we wonder why they vote for Trump. Come on people, let’s look in the mirror and recognize that we are part of the problem in America right now….

  10. @747naked: Apu, the Slurpee machine needs to be refilled.

    Come on, Chee Chee, even in your ShitholeIndia they spell it like this: Who’d.

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