Self-Service Option: You Can Now Merge US Airways and American Accounts Yourself

US Airways Dividend Miles has been folded into American AAdvantage. Apparently a very large number of customers who had accounts in both programs linked them, and that ensured miles got folded into the right accounts.

While Dividend Miles numbers will still work (including to log in at, they’re trying to transition people to using their AAdvantage numbers. [US Airways members who did not already have AAdvantage accounts were given new ones.]

While reports I’ve heard suggest that the process of combining accounts went really smoothly (there will always be outliers in a data migration project including about 100 million individuals, more unique accounts than that between the two programs, and all the individual transactions within each account), there are going to have been some people who did not link their accounts and where American couldn’t identify them as belonging to the same person.

So for folks whose American and US Airways accounts weren’t combined, there’s a self-service option. You can combine your own accounts.

Log in at and it’s right there at the profile summary.

You’ll have to have information match between the accounts, and the process isn’t instantaneous, but you can still go online and get your accounts combined.

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  1. It appears that it only lets you merge multiple AA accounts? It is not letting me input a US account number…only another AA.

  2. Once you input the additional AA# and hit submit, what happens? Does it do a check to see if all the account info matches? And once you match all the information, how long does it take to actually merge the miles & accounts? Does it seem like its an automated process or that it just sends a message to a queue to be processed?

  3. Once I hit submit it did do a check to make sure everything matched (email, name on account, etc…)
    It then sent an automated message saying that accounts were being merged and that it should be done in a day.

  4. Had issues last week with this. I had singed up for automated merging/linking of my US and AA accounts as per the instructions that were emailed a month or so ago. Got the confirmation email that my accounts were linked. Then last week, I was emailed by AA saying that my Dividend Miles account had been transferred and “here’s your new AAdvantage account number.” So, basically all the linking of accounts was nonsense.

    I was able to rectify the situation by going through the semi-laborious process of contacting their customer service via the online form, providing VERY detailed information. Within three days, all my miles were in the correct AAdvantage account, but I still haven’t received any word from AA confirming it was done (other than me checking my own account) or responding directly in any way to my inquiry.

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