‘Semi-Private’ JSX Improves Inflight Service With New Free Food, Cocktails And Blankets

JSX flies Embraer regional jets in a premium configuration from private terminals. You can buy tickets for scheduled service on their website, and earn miles from United or JetBlue.

You just need to show up 20 minutes before your flight, 30 minutes with checked luggage. I showed up less than that when I flew them a couple of months ago.

They operate mostly in California, Texas, the Southwest and up the East Coast between Florida and Texas, they have a premium seating configuration, and everyone is friendly. Plus they have StarLink satellite internet.

And now they have a more robust inflight service as well.

  • New snacks and more substantive food on longer flights. They’ve revamped the snack basket with “sweet potato chips, gummy bears, twice-baked cookies, and more” but more significantly – these regional jets don’t have ovens in the galley – they’re now offering “fresh selections like a Sonoma chicken wrap or Thai veggie noodles” on flights over 550 miles. These are complimentary.

  • New beverage service including “Belvolio Prosecco, Murphy Goode Cabernet, and a craft seasonal cocktail, the Ohza Peach Bellini. Michelob Ultra is now available on all flights, or you can choose from either Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA or Shiner Bock on select routes.” Also complimentary.

  • Hot towels, blankets, and mints. Hot towel service is provided on flights over 550 miles. Warm blankets are now boarded, so they’re available on request on all flights configured 1-by-1 (the new standard configuration for their aircraft). Mints are provided prior to arrival on all flights.

My short hop from private terminals at Dallas Love Field to Austin on JSX was my best domestic flight of the past year. Within a couple of months the additional of satellite internet will be fleet-wide. Everyone struck me as friendly. And with more substantive food options, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them on longer trips. I only wish they had more service from Austin.

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  1. So short sighted to not put ovens in the galley and expect to compete for premium pax on routes like Bay Area to Metroplex

    And Omar is right – private is about your own schedule, and your own choice of other pax

  2. The concept has potential, but how is that hard product any different than the typical E145 seat? The seat isn’t any wider and the fuselage still one of the worst out there. Without what Greg and Omar mentioned above, this just sounds like flying a typical regional flight out of a small airport, plus some soft product improvements.

    That being said, I’d be first in line to fly MIA-DSI. Travel there often for work and all flights to that area from MIA require connections at ATL/CLT or driving 2+ hours from TLH or PNS. Only issue is they show it as “summer seasonal” and it’s still unbookable

  3. It’s ‘semi-private’ for a reason. You get to use private terminals, skipping the main airport and TSA.

    You can fly on scheduled positioning flights, too, that’s different than owning your own jet. And by the way if you charter something you’ve got a departure time with some leeway not a plane waiting on you the entire day.

  4. Flew to Las Vegas on JSX last year a great experience but they ha ran out of parking at the terminal …as it was soo busy.

  5. I wish they had flights from CLT to ATL/EWR or MIA. No TSA and arriving 30 mins before is worth the price of the ticket.

  6. Know before you go…they operate part 135 instead of the 121 whi h is what the airlines operate under.

    It is being run by a former AA executive and all captains are former SWA and AA captains. The first officers are hired with very low multi engine time and total time. For an ATP, you must be 23 years old (21 on a Restricted ATP) and have 500 multi, 1500 total hours.

    Some first officers here have been hired at 19, 100 multi, and 800 total hours. This is considered very low.

  7. @Tom Hildebrand – They couldn’t operate their business model under part 121.

    I wonder what you have in mind by their being run by a former American Airlines executive, the CEO, COO, Chief Commercial Officer,and VPs of Flight Ops and TechOps aren’t ex-AA though there’s quite a bit of airline experience. Their head of HR is ex-AA..

    I can’t speak to their first officers, but I know that flying for JSX much appeals to senior captains who want to spend the night at home.

  8. JSX is great for Captains but the First Officers lack flight time and experience compared to 121. The captains will not want to leave and unless they expand, there will be no upward growth for the FO and it will become a revolving door. The FO will head to a 121 carrier at 1500 hours.

  9. The problem is they don’t have room for carry-on bags, and I don’t trust anyone but me with my bag. So, business class on regular airlines is still the better bet for me, where they have an overhead bin for me to use.

  10. Can u do flights out of norwood Airport in norwood Mass
    To ft Lauderdale
    Or miami fla
    Trust me u would fill these flights
    It’s a good airport 20 miles out of Boston
    Or maybe use hanscam airport in bedford mass

    These 2 airports can be a great place to fly to Florida
    Or south Carolina
    Even short hops to LA Guardia in NYC

    Food for thought

  11. I’m a fan. In the middle of the Southwest fiasco, they got me where I needed to go quickly, efficiently, and at the time I needed to arrive. The staff was professional and courteous. The snacks and cocktails were great. My bag was waiting for me as soon as I was on the tarmac in less than 10 minutes. Looking forward to my next flight.

  12. JSX has got to be the most convenient way to travel these days. The experience of a semi-private terminal is far more remarkable than the enormous main terminal.

    If you want to travel like a celebrity for an affordable price, fly JSX.

  13. Waiting at DIA for hours is a pain, same with Sky Harbor. I am tired of needing 6 hours to fly for 1 hour. I will give JSX a try next time I golf in Phoenix.

  14. Do you fly from Hawaii to Seattle? Trying to find a way to travel with my 3 dogs off island to Seattle. Worst case from Oahu to CA and then I’ll drive up.

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