Sexual Harassment of Flight Attendants and Hotel Worker Confessions

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  1. You can find bad apples anywhere, but I must say that I’m generally pleased with the service I receive at most hotels — and I stay in A LOT of hotels. As long as you don’t stay in the places rated “average” by the online booking sites (“average” actually meaning “awful” in booking site lingo) you’re not very likely to run into these bad apples, and your hotel stay is very likely to be more than acceptable.

  2. Hi Gary
    While getting up is the best counter to DVT, there are leg/fiit exercises that improve the circulation. These cant be done without enough legroom – MCE is enough room, bulkhead without cut offs is not.

  3. The biggest problem with not changing sheets when they look clean is catching scabies
    My family member caught them @ The San Diego Hilton Bayfront last year
    The hotel insisted there wasn’t a problem even after being bitten from head to toe
    Medical test confirmed the positive results for scabies
    They cant be seen however by the naked eye
    if the previous guest is infected its likely you will inherit them
    That goes for unchanged towels
    Bedbugs always gets press but ask any Dr Scabies is common and hotels are notorious for spreading it due to lax training and enforcement

  4. Ill add to that the Green movement also adds to the issue by encouraging guests and housekeeper not to change linens
    Its all about saving $$$$
    Guest safety is at the bottom of the list until they have liability from a lawsuit

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