Sharknado Star Tara Reid: Delta Flight Attendant Demanded My Dog Go in the Overhead Bin

Sharknado and American Pie star Tara Reid and her dog were kicked off of Delta flight 613 from Los Angeles to New York JFK on Monday.

Initial reports were that she was apoplectic over her seat assignment and that she didn’t have a pillow. The aircraft had already pushed back when the captain announced to the plane that they’d be returning to the gate causing a delay.

Now she’s speaking out. She claims the incident was about her emotional support dog, a 3 month old puppy which she had registered in advance. Reid says a flight attendant “asked her place her puppy in her carry on and in the overhead bin.” When she refused, the flight attendant demanded she check the dog.

Tara Reid posted an open letter to her instagram account claiming reporting of the event is fake news.

Initial reporting was that she was placed on another flight, suggesting she flew Delta to New York, however she says she flew another airline.

That fact notwithstanding I am extremely skeptical of her story that a flight attendant demanded her dog go in the overhead bin after United killed a dog that way earlier in the year. None of the other passengers reported this. And it’s Tara Reid.

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  1. As a nearly weekly flier on Delta with an ESA, I call BS. I literally haven’t come across a single flight attendant who has been anything but delighted to see my dog. I can’t say the same for all passengers, so it’s not like I’m living in a dream world where I think everyone loves dogs (though they should) — I try to be aware of who is bothered by a dog and make sure to steer clear. Still, even the pax when they realize my dog doesn’t want to do anything but curl up in my lap have no problem with her.

  2. So here’s the question (and having flown with my dog before, I’m not sure of the answer):

    Normally, your dog — in its carrier — has to go under the seat in front of you for taxi/take-off/landing (whether that’s actually enforced is another question). If you’re in a transcon-configured J or F cabin without underseat storage, and have a pet in a carrier, what are you supposed to do?

  3. “Extremely skeptical,” Jeff? How about what the hell is going on with our country that so many travelers today need an emotional support animal a/k/a “pet’? If they cannot fly without bringing an animal onboard, perhaps they should drive instead?

    Perhaps my dad had the best idea from decades ago when he said “I could have any animal I wanted for a pet as long as we did not have to buy food for it.”

    I still remember how I was afflicted with fleas in a compartment on Amtrak’s “Empire Builder.” Apparently the entire train was so infested with fleas that it had to be pulled out of service upon arrival in Chicago and affumigated! So much for public health.

    Given the absolute public health issues, as well as allergy and respiratory problems of many people, animals are the last thing that is needed on a flight. And I am a dog lover!

  4. As a society it’s really time we boycott these “celebrities” by not paying to see or rent their movies, television shows, etc. We just strengthen their resolve to behave badly; they think they have the right to do so. It will never happen, I know. It’s a bit like pissing in the ocean. But if enough of their audience pushes back maybe some of these mental cases will disappear.

  5. I cannot help but to imagine how disgusting it would be if the peed and shit in the overhead bin. Can you imagine if you had a Tumi bag and a laptop in that overhead bin. No way to ever get the smell out of either. Probably have to toss both out. Further, I am doubtful that the airline cleaning crew would adequately clean. Can we say Yuck-A-Doodle!!!

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