Shirtless Passenger Duct Taped After Touching Up Flight Attendants

A passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami was duct taped to his seat on Saturday after spilling a cocktail on himself, taking off his shirt, touching up flight attendants and getting into a fight. And the flight attendants who used the duct tape have been suspended by the airline. After all, I suppose, this is normal everyday behavior for a Frontier Airlines flight.

The 22 year Maxwell Berry from Ohio was arrested on the flight’s landing in Miami, accused of assaulting one (male) flight attendant and “inappropriately touching” two other (female) flight attendants. He “had two drinks while on the flight and ordered another drink.” It was that third inflight cocktail that set off the chain of events.

The [police] report said Berry brushed an empty cup against the backside of a flight attendant.

Berry then spilled his new drink on his shirt, went to the bathroom and came out shirtless, the report said. A flight attendant helped him get another shirt from his carry-on.

After walking around for 15 minutes, the report said, Berry then groped the chests of female flight attendants.

Police said he then punched a male flight attendant in the face who had been called over to watch him.

A fight ensued and passengers restrained Berry, the report said.

According to Frontier Airlines,

During a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31, a passenger made inappropriate physical contact with a flight attendant and subsequently physically assaulted another flight attendant.

As a result, the passenger needed to be restrained until the flight landed in Miami and law enforcement arrived. The flight attendants will be, as required in such circumstances, relieved of flying pending completion of investigation of the events.

Normal procedure may well be a suspension for the flight attendants, but procedure ought to be to give them combat pay.

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  1. I think the flight attendants just had to take a mandatory paid leave due to the physical confrontation with a passenger (not a suspension, or anything implying faulty judgement). Just like cops automatically getting paid vacation for shooting someone.

  2. I know misbehavior can also happen in first class but at this point, I’d like the airlines to install a security door similar to the one used for the flight deck between the first and coach cabins.

  3. “Normal procedure may well be a suspension for the flight attendants, but procedure ought to be to give them combat pay.”

    Spot on, Gary! No one should have to put up with such acting out, especially airline personnel. I’m perfectly fine with banning this idiot (and others like him) for life from air travel.

  4. Good for you, buddy. Your parents have a $2M retirement portfolio. That might get them a $7000 monthly annuity which wont buy mansions in Miami. Certainly not enough money to pass on generational wealth to you. Face it, azzhole, your family is at best a bunch of upper middle-class schmucks

  5. Does Frontier codeshare now with Spirit? There needs to be a law preventing airlines from dumping trash in Florida!

  6. Screaming about how “rich*” your parents are while flying Frontier is peak irony.

    (*They’re not rich)

  7. Love all the people thinking banning this guy from flying is actually a punishment. With flying becoming a bigger shitshow every day, I think forcing this guy to fly every day would be a much worse punishment.

  8. Why would you make the comment of “this is normal on frontier “? Wow. Can you back up your statement with facts please ?

  9. There ought to be other terms for the FA’s not working for a set period of time without making it sound as if they have done something wrong. By restraining this pig, they were doing their duty in protecting all the other passengers. What happened to the plastic handcuffs I thought were on board? Loved the comment about charging for pay for view, but I’m sure if a FA this whole situation has no room for humor. I am so sorry for what they have to endure. Maybe there needs to be a secure cage of sorts in back for these idiots except for the struggle to get them back to that spot without further injuries and getting them locked in. Bless the FA’s.

  10. The crew should be awarded combat pay and a medal of honor for preventing further disruption.

  11. @RHill you must be an extremely intelligent person to ascertain the political leanings of a drunken airline passenger. I hope when I grow up I as smart as you!

  12. I laughed out loud and cheered when I saw the FAs duct taping this guy. He was a harm to himself and everyone around him.
    How the person behind him is calming drinking their water, like they weren’t the least bit scared of this nut job is beyond me!
    Anyway, I say congratulations to the FAs and on behalf of all passengers, thank you!

  13. Darryal Gates Flights do not get paid when they are not scheduled. Their pay does not start until the doors are secured. Police are put on desk jobs while they taken off street jobs.

    The job of a flight attendant is sometimes very stressful. Many years ago we witnessed the abuse of a flight attendant. We were seated across from the galley and could see her struggling to gain her composure. It was not a physical touch, but overly demanding of service. She would just do one thing they asked and then they would ring for her again. Over and over. My husband got up and told them to stop and they did. In the climate of todays rude, crude mostly male passengers, he would have been putting himself in danger.

  14. I suspect the FAs were suspended in case the idiot files assault charges against them. I’m sure there are enough sleaze-ball attorneys to take his case on contingency, since corporations usually cave in to ‘blackmail threats’ rather than deal with the problem. Why aren’t these jerks being arrested for disturbing the peace?

  15. This Trekkie was on his Final Frontier flight, boldly groping where no man had groped before.

  16. Airlines are more prepared than me, I drive a 2002 Honda Civic with a blown head gasket and rotted body panels but I don’t have duct tape in my car.

  17. @Robin Rosner: “Maybe there needs to be a secure cage of sorts in back for these idiots…” In the front of the aircraft, that secure cage is called the flight deck.

  18. Why is it that for punching a male flight attendant you call it assault but for sexually assaulting female crew it’s reduced to a cute “touching up”? Assault is assault. Doesn’t matter your gender.

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