The Shocking Fact About Trump’s New Hotel Brand and Free Points

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  1. Scion means a descendant of a noble family. I presume he chose it to honor how he got his start with a $14 million loan from his dad…

  2. Club ! Hotels requires a town be selected from a drop down list. Their list does not include all the towns in New Jersey and does not allow an input of a town not on the list.

  3. Gary I was surprised you didn’t comment on Trump’s negative comments about the US airports (LGA, EWR, LAX). He said something about US airports being “third world” compared to Dubai, Qatar, etc. What’s your take on this?

    Mine is that it’s pretty tone-deaf. Those un/under-employed folks in the rust belt aren’t concerned with how fancy our international airports are. Also, when was the last time Trump was actually inside a domestic airport? Does he go through regular security like the rest of us? Probably not.

  4. After Bush permanently destroyed our reputation (paid for in the blood of World Wars 1 and 2) in the world, they began teaching in the schools in other countries about American know-nothing rednecks, calling them destroyers of civilization and among the morally lowest people on the planet having rejected redemption for the greatest crime in human history (by Dr King and Jimmy Carter, as examples) to double down on racial resentment. So when my international surfing students gather for pizza, the Americans sit dumbly while Germans (ironic!), UK, Spanish, Aussies and Japanese explain about US rednecks being one of the greatest threats to the world.

    Now Trump. If nothing else we now know the exact number or unredeemable morons viewed by the entire world as a greater threat that Islamic terrorists. It’s 40%. Watch them not budge even as he is revealed before the entire world as the scummiest con-man to ever run for any office anywhere on earth.

  5. Greg, you truly are a complete dumb a. Your buddy in the White House and his Evita Clinton will tank what is left of our once great country. Oh well and I hope they don’t take all of your little retirement in the next 4 years.

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