Short Window For Southwest Companion Pass Holders To Get Matched To Aeroplan 75K Elite Status

Air Canada Aeroplan is offering free status to anyone with a pulse anyone with elite status on a major U.S. airline right now. Match your status here.

Even the lowest level of status with Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska or JetBlue will get you Air Canada elite status. The only exception is that they cannot status match United elites because of Air Canada’s close partnership with the Chicago-based airline.

You keep your matched status through the end of 2021, and if you take just one mileage-earning Air Canada roundtrip by January 15, 2022 you’ll receive your status through the end of 2022.

When I first wrote about the offer on Monday I pointed out something odd about the chart for how airline status levels map onto Aeroplan status.

Southwest Airlines Companion Pass members can receive Air Canada Aeroplan 75K status. That’s really high for what it is. Not only is this a higher status than they’ll match A-List Preferred to, and it skips the 50K level, but Companion Pass is… easier to get. I have a Companion Pass from a credit card initial bonus and modest spend alone.

Well, it looks like they decided something seems off here as well. The FAQ has been updated and Companion Pass now shows that it will match to 50K status for new applicants starting October 1.

That means any Southwest Companion Pass member who submits a match request now should receive 75K elite status, while anyone with a Companion Pass submitting two days from now should only receive 50K (which is still Star Alliance Gold, entitled to lounge access when flying United Airlines domestically).

This is not a once in a lifetime offer, but if you successfully obtain a status match through this offer you will not be able to request another one for two years. There’s no defined end date for the match, but they hint at a cap on number of matches they’ll offer, so the opportunity could end at any time.

Expect a response to your status match request within 3 days, which would be a great experience for a status match prgoam. Status will be reflected in your account within 5 busines days of approval.

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  1. Has anyone else had this problem? I have posted pictures with name, number, and plat pro status but keep getting response “Please resubmit with name, number, and status”

    Is this just me or have others had the problem

  2. Does a flight booked round trip on Air Canada using points on United Airlines count towards the round trip requirement or do you have to actually fly on Air Canada?

  3. Assuming you have to fly round trip to Canada, Can you use reward points or does it have to be a cash purchased ticket to qualify for the status match through 2022?

  4. Applied to match my Exec Plat status at 2:51 pm and by 3:05 pm I had the email saying I was approved for the match.

  5. I’m applying now, (10:15am on the east coast), and the “Review your status match application” page already shows it matching to 50k. Bummer.

  6. The FAQs actually now show that the cutoff date was yesterday. Maybe they changed it?

    What status tier will I get matched to?
    The table here provides the mapping of eligible statuses based on Air Canada’s model, valid until 29 September, 2021.
    From 30 September 2021 onwards, the updated model will apply


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