Simple Test For When Resort Fees Are Fraud, And New York Makes Good Hotel Toiletries Illegal

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  1. “New York State bans single use hotel toiletries starting in 2024 the industry lobbied for – not against – this, and don’t expect hotels to offer full-sized toiletries instead. There will be more shared, wall-mounted toiletries coming. Gross.”

    Excellent. All hotels should move away from single-use toiletries. So much waste.
    Bring your own if you’re so concerned about wall mounted toiletries being gross.

    Hotel stay two days ago: Single traveler for a single night = 3 wasted small bottles of toiletries (shampoo, body wash, conditioner) into the trash after using an ounce or less of their contents.

  2. Even simpler test for when resort fees are a fraud. When they are on your bill.

  3. Bob is the ugly tourist. Bob should bring home the shampoo and use it or donate it to the women’s shelter.

    Pre-pandemic, I never had to buy soap or shampoo due to frequent business travel. I hate climate change protesters for denying me my free shampoo and soap. I hope hotels still have bar soap and not communal bar soap or only liquid soap.

  4. OK fine. But then how about having a rate that you get refunded $40 a day if you provide your own shampoo, soap, parking and internet.
    No, I didn’t think so.

  5. @Bob

    Stay in your trailer park or in your mother’s basement. I thought politicians would change their tune after COVID. Did people suddenly forget that non single use toiletries are unhygienic and spread disease. Do we really want hotel stuff to be refilling shampoo and soap dispensers.

    This is why I despise cops and agents of the government. If cops and agents of the government refused to enforce these abusive laws or court orders stemming from violating them, we’d have freedom. Government is always making our lives worse when it takes freedom of choice away.

  6. +1 on hating communal soap dispensers but what I really hate is hotels that won’t provide a “bar” of soap. I just think using a tiny bar of soap to wash and I even shave with it is better than liquid shared soap that you likely need a washcloth to use as well.

  7. I’m from NY, and I vote. Whoever voted for this, just lost my vote.
    What Hotels should consider doing is simply provide a $5-$10 credit towards toiletries.
    Then simply allow the guest pick what toiletries they want, and not supply the ones that they do not.
    Let them pick at check-in.

    You could probably cut waste and costs by at least 50%, and still give guests what they want.
    Soap dispensers in showers are awful.

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