Singapore Airlines Business Class Award Availability Wide Open For Four Passengers Throughout 2021

Singapore Airlines has continued operating one U.S. flight throughout the pandemic, even as Singapore has been closed to visitors: Los Angeles – Singapore non-stop. So that seems the one flight most likely to operate into the future regardless of the overall demand environment.

It’s been flying mostly empty, and starting in the fall but really ramping up for 2021 business class award space is wide open. I’ve been making award plans for next year – one of the things I’ve always liked best about miles is how changeable award bookings are – and I think it’s reasonable to contemplate an Asia trip next year.

January through end of schedule in July Singapore Airlines is making four business class award seats available most days in both directions for Los Angeles – Singapore non-stop. This is a great way, of course, to connect beyond in Southeast Asia. My first trip to the Maldives, also, was on Singapore Airlines and I’ve connected in Singapore to and from Sydney many times too.

Here’s availability for four passengers in business class in April 2021:


  • Singapore Airlines charges 95,000 miles per person each way, with no fuel surcharges
  • Chase, American Express, Citi and Capital One points all transfer to Singapore Airlines

It’s not clear when Singapore will re-open to visitors and it’s not clear when Singapore will permit Americans to transit, either. But I’m desperately craving good laksa, and I’d even take in on board the airline (one of the best business class meals I’ve ever eaten).

Nonetheless it seems a good bet to book out a year into the future, especially since four business class awards non-stop to Asia is such a great find and because even if we’re still dealing with Covid-19 at that point there’s no airline I trust to handle it well than Singapore.

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  1. Now that you mention it, what is Singapore’s policy on changing award bookings? Are changes completely free of charge or is there a redeposit fee?

  2. You are an optimist. April is too early in my book. Very few Asian countries will let Americans in.

  3. Given the failure of some states to get the virus under control the entire country has to suffer. I haven’t seen any indication at all that this virus is being dealt with appropriately in most parts of the US. Unfortunately those states are like deadweight and will drag the rest of the country down with them.

  4. After November 3, 2020, the Wuhan Virus will no longer be an issue or relevant to the MSM. 2021, book away!

  5. @Jonathan: $75 cancellation fee
    This flight is fine LAX-SIN, but I avoid SIN-LAX as far as possible. The flight takes off at night and the flight attendants serve dinner, etc., at express speed, then turn out all the lights and put the shades down for the entire duration. It’s difficult to wake up after a point no matter how much willpower you have, because it feels like the dead of night even though it’s bright daylight outside. You reach LAX at 8-9pm feeling refreshed and wide awake. It throws the sleep cycle off for a few days. Much better to take a flight like ANA that gets you there in the daytime

  6. So not exactly “wide open”, is it? About 2 months ago awards were possible throughout the the entire star alliance network, that was indeed “wide open”. Now you have to generate only KF miles.
    By the way…
    “Chase, American Express, Citi and Capital One points all transfer to Singapore Airlines”
    Is there any way to “regularly” (as in “maybe not always, but at least often”) get at least 10 miles per dollar spent on any of these loyalty programs (important: completely disregarding all one-off registration bonuses and such)? Because if all you can “regularly” get is 2-4 points for each dollar and then you even lose 20% of that when transferring to airlines, I just don’t see how this is a profitable “game” for people other than perhaps big-time players who deal with large expenses (still, huge expenses, if they have to generate 475.000 points to get 4 one-ways, or 950.000 for 4 return tickets that probably implicates transactions up to half a million dollars!), compared to simply buying a discounted business class fare. You get your 60K to 100K points for getting 3-4….8 cards, get yourself and your wife 2-4 tickets and then that’s it (?). I assume you are not going to suggest that one should cancel their credit cards and a year later re-apply and re-issue them to get the bonuses again…

  7. Kindly let me know when is the flight resuming from Singapore to Coimbatore.I want to know about Silkair flying from Sydney to Singapore and Scoot flying from Singapore to Coimbatore.Please reply.
    Thanks and regards

  8. Any idea when SingaporeAir award seats using United MileagePlus points will open up ?

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