Singer Azealia Banks Goes on Tirade After Being Banned From Aer Lingus

Azealia Banks has quite the history with viral airline meltdowns. In 2015 she had an altercation on a Delta flight when other passengers wouldn’t board quickly enough.

She tried to weave past everyone, but a French couple blocked her way. She allegedly spit on him, and punched his face. A flight attendant grabbed her bag, and hijinks ensued including her calling the Delta flight attendant an ‘f-ing fag***’.

She stormed off the plane, and police caught up with her, later claiming the man hit her and that she doesn’t “tolerate bitchassness.”

Now she says she’s been banned from Aer Lingus and she tells her story in a very much not safe for work Instagram story:

She was attempting to fly from London Gatwick to Dublin aboard Aer Lingus flight EI233 on Monday. She says an airline employee was staring at her, but the employee complained to the captain claiming Banks made threats.

Then she remarks that there “are ugly Irish women here” a reference to the crewmember she had an altercation with. She said security “treat[ed] me like a wild animal” trying to get her to “do something or freak out” but of course no one can rattle the super calm Azealia Banks!

Ultimately she says being “singled out by the haggard old white ladies” keeps happening to her because of “the long weave and the Louboutins” and she stands out,” Who’s this black girl in business class?”

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  1. I’m not sure I beweave her.

    Dat girl got form…

    And EI crews are some of the most amiable around.

  2. Self-entitled publicity seeking diva.
    And she should be the last to refer to anyone as ugly! Look in the mirror, bitch!

  3. Who? Stop giving this person who clearly has mental health issues (I’m no expert just a psychologist) the publicity she craves! Apart from anything else her treatment of the FA uses hate speech which is legally actionable in many countries!

  4. Now if it were a WHITE performer going off on a racist and homophobic rant, it would blow up the entire internet and the MSM would cover it 24/7 for MONTHS! But since a black asshole said it, nothing but crickets…. Such RAMPANT anti-white racism!

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