Singer Richard Marx Restrains Psycho Passenger Attacking Crew

I didn’t know Richard Marx was still a thing, I remember Endless Summer Nights and Right Here Waiting from the late 80s, but apparently he had a new single out this year.

He’ll be back in the news shortly, though, for finding himself next to a ‘psycho’ passenger on today’s Korean Air Flight 480 from Hanoi to Seoul.

He writes on his Facebook page, “Passenger next to us attacked passengers and crew. …completely ill-equipped to handle potentially deadly situation. Passenger mentally unhinged attacking crew and passengers.”

    Marx reports the incident “[l]asted four hours” and:

    My wife and I are safe but one crew member and two passengers were injured. The all female crew was clueless and not trained as to how to restrain this psycho and he was only initially subdued when I and a couple other male passengers intervened.

    He then later easily broke his restraints and attacked more crew and another passenger. When we landed in Seoul police boarded the plane.

    Here’s more scuffle, from Marx’s Facebook page:

    Even better, of course, is everyone taking video with their smartphones.

    Marx places tremendous blame on the Korean crew, who he says were unable to restrain the passengers on their own, suggesting that they hadn’t been through required Kung Fu training like they do in China.

    He reports that he has video of the whole thing, but hasn’t posted it yet, likely because as of this writing he’s inflight on Korean Air Seoul – Los Angeles.

    (HT: @Catch_Chrissy)

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  1. If only there were vinyl record stores (or MTV actually played music videos) in America, cuz “Entertainment Tonight” would be able to jump-start his career, saving everyone.

  2. I think Marx is pointing out that the crew was ill-equipped to handle this passenger, and I am assuming the aircraft didn’t even carry the ubiquitous nylon cable ties. Lesson learned, Korean Air.

  3. Didn’t Korean Air get tasers approved back in like 2004? Why were they demonstrating the proper way to “ride the light”?

  4. Didn’t Korean Air get tasers approved back in like 2004? Why were they NOT demonstrating the proper way to “ride the light”?

  5. Richard Marx is not a has been singer. He has several new albums out! Clearly you are not a fan of Richard Marx.! He was reacting to a bad situation and we got it under control. Thank God no one was hurt badly. Gruyere you better get it together so you don’t have the same kind of incident happened again, maybe you need a man on the flight to do your heavy lifting for you.

  6. The failure here is once he was put in the seat and restrained he was able to get up again and again. Yes, the flight attendants are probably not strong enough to handle an aggressive passenger like this so they required help from other passengers. I don’t really fault them for that, but once you have help from other passengers and you get the person in the seat they NEED to know how to restrain the passenger until the police arrive. The whole idea of flight attendants training in kung fu is a total joke. You don’t give someone a few classes and all of a sudden they become bruce lee. It requires a significant amount of training and constant practice, so that is all rather pointless. What they should know how to do is secure people who are threats into the seat. The problem isn’t the flight crew its the airline in poor training and not giving them the supplies they need.

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