Singer Susan Boyle Has Breakdown in British Airways Lounge.. AGAIN! Thrown Out By Police

British singer Susan Boyle has an unfortunate relationship with airport lounges.

For instance in 2010,

she stunned passengers in a VIP lounge at Heathrow Airport when she started dancing around and sang into a mop which she had grabbed from a cleaner.

The performance sparked complaints to British Airways staff who tried to calm her down, prompting the singer to flee the lounge insisting “I’ve escaped, I’ve escaped”.

Earlier this month at Derry Airport in Northern Ireland, which is served only by Ryanair, she was in the Amelia Earhart Lounge. It’s a pay-in lounge, and also participates with Priority Pass. She inexplicably screamed out, “Help me!”

Now this week police had to escort her from a British Airways lounge at London Heathrow’s terminal 5, where she was awaiting a flight to Glasgow, after a disagreement with staff became ‘heated’. The police not only ejected her from the lounge, but from the airport.

On-lookers told The Sun that the BGT star appeared distressed during the incident, claiming: “She looked confused and was shouting: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong, I’ve done nothing wrong’ repeatedly.

…“The cops looked pretty concerned as she was all over the place. They eventually took her away.”

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  1. I feel sympathy for Susan Boyle, but learning that an airport actually houses an Amelia Earhart Lounge was more of a revelation to me. Is it insensitive to say it seems a rather creepy way to honor her?

    While we’re on this morbid topic, are there any lounges named for Will Rogers, Carol Lombard, Buddy Holly, Jim Croce, Rick Nelson or other celebrity victims of plane crashes?

  2. @Fredd: creepy or not, she was an aviation pioneer. An airport lounge is as appropriate honor as any other. The others you named were not aviation pioneers so it would probably be more strange to name something airport- or aviation-related.

    As for Susan Boyle, once a diva, always a diva……

  3. @Fredd, the airport in Oklahoma City is named the Will Rogers World Airport. Of course, Will Rogers was from Oklahoma and one of its best known celebrities back in the day.

  4. @Phoenix, Will Rogers was actually flying with Wiley Post, who was a famous aviation pioneer of the day.

    @Luke Vader, I’m aware of the Will Rogers airport, although I’ve never landed there. An airport is a little different from a lounge, IMHO. I think it most appropriate that ORD is named after Butch O’Hare, but I’d raise my eyebrows at, say, a bar named in his honor.

    In any case, just my first reaction, and anybody interested in aviation pioneers should read “West With the Night,” written by (or ghost written for) Beryl Markham, another aviation pioneer.

  5. @Fredd, Not airline related but in a similar vein. In Melbourne Australia there is a swimming pool named the “Harold Holt Swim Centre”. Harold Holt was a former Australian Prime Minister who is assumed to have drowned (went swimming of the coast one day and was never seen again).

  6. Yes, everyone knows you can only get away with that sort of behavior at the BA Galleries lounge about an hour before an A380 boards.

  7. @Fredd, you noted that “Will Rogers was actually flying with Wiley Post, who was a famous aviation pioneer of the day.” Wiley Post airport is the GA Airport near Will Rogers Airport (and its relief airport). So they remain connected to his day!

  8. @Jason, Thanks for that interesting historical tidbit. Now if only some control tower somewhere would be named in honor of Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan. (That should send you young ‘uns to Google. ;-))

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