Smelly Poo Forces British Airways Flight to Return to London

Normally I’d just suggest “light a match,” but that’s not an option on a plane.

A British Airways flight was forced to turn back to Heathrow leaving passengers stranded for 15 hours – because someone did “a smelly poo in the toilet”.

The plane turned back just 30 minutes into the 7 hour flight to Dubai, and passengers had to wait 15 hours before continuing their journey.

The decision was made because, apparently, the smell was just that unbearable.

A British Airways spokesperson said, “We’re very sorry for the discomfort to our customers.” They did not say “We’re very sorry for the discomfort of one of our customers.”

BA flies both 747s and 777s on the route. They have many bathrooms. I have a hard time even fathoming a situation that wouldn’t allow just shutting down that one lavatory.

Had I come out of that lavatory I’d unquestionably be invoking the Shaggy Defense.

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  1. Where was the Lysol or Pinesol? I know they have room deodorizer on airplanes. Even cologne would have worked….but delaying pax for 15 hours? Another reason not to fly BA.

  2. Had to be an economy passenger ewe
    Who had the mushroom risotto?
    Oh the stench of cattle
    First Class passengers are always odor free
    Thanks to BA for saving the lives of many
    Now back to their massive devaluation
    Buh Bye BA!

  3. Panzies! I was on an 8 hour Continental flight from Guam to Honolulu that lost use of 4 of its six toilets during the flight.

  4. “Had I come out of that lavatory I’d unquestionably be invoking the Shaggy Defense.”

    Isn’t this sentence should be like ” had I come out of that lavatory I’d unquestionably HAVE BEEN invinvoking the Shaggy Defense.” Just curious…

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