SNL Alaska Airlines Ad: “If You Think Alaska The State Is Cold, Just Wait Until Our Plane’s Roof Rips Off.”

Saturday Night Live has produced a commercial for Alaska Airlines in the aftermath of the Boeing 737 MAX 9 whose door plug separated from the aircraft fuselage during flight.

Safety is our number one concern. But you got to admit it looked pretty cool, plane flying around, no door. Everyone’s screaming, cell phones whipping out into the sky. It was awesome. That’s why our new slogan is, “Alaska Airlines, You Didn’t Die And You Got A Cool Story.”

And, “If you think Alaska the state is cold, just wait until our plane’s roof rips off.”

Still, they’re promising changes: “You know those bolts that like hold the plane together? We’re going to go ahead and tighten some of those.”

And how’s this for a conclusion? Ouch: “We’re the same airline where a pilot tried to turn off the engine midflight while on mushrooms. And now we’re so proud to say that’s our second-worst flight.” And then, “Alaska Airlines: Still Better Than Spirit.”

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  1. That commercial is fantastic. SNL may not be funny sometimes, but they can still make great fake commercials.

  2. They left out the part about being forced to visit Portland twice in the same night…

  3. This is too good and summarizes exactly how I feel about AS. They are a complete joke of an airline.

  4. Absolutely not funny, infantile, stupid, and insensitive to all who were on board and to the crew that heroically executed a successful emergency landing. The soullessness of America on full display in this idiotic clip.

  5. This isn’t even funny.
    The MAX is a great Airplane and Alaska is a good company .
    This ad should target Boeing as this mess is their fault.

  6. I needed a good laugh thanks for sharing! For those that are offended there are some simple,truths.Cheapskate Alaska purchased those crappy planes as Boeing dumped these troubled planes on the market to get rid of them

    Management won’t allow you to put in your One World FF number in an Alaska or American Airlines award booking when booked through Alaska on miles
    No sympathy this once friendly airline is now overpriced greedy and arrogant
    Once upon a time they were a kind considerate hometown Seattle airline making positive impact for frequent fliers
    I’ll fly Southwest and American even United now before giving them a wooden nickel
    Good riddance

  7. This skit is in VERY POOR TASTE. My daughter is a flight attendant for Alaska, Fortunately she was not on that flight. My heart goes out to all those that were. If you think this was funny then you are a heartless S.O.B

  8. @Claudia, I guess I am heartless, as I thought the skit was fantastic. I’ll have to watch more of last night’s show using YouTube. I can only hope that the show had many more funny skits.

  9. “claudia” no one was hurt thus SNL was able to produce the parody period. I might add it was well written and produced. Alaska has a bit to explains as well three write ups and plane still in service? And Claudia I am a MM’er on Alaska loyal supporter of Alaska however This is not the first time in their history that their maintenance has been called. So let’s all suck it up and get on with our lives and yes Claudia I will be flying AS.

  10. Alaska Airlines made a MISTAKE, they should have NEVER ORDER THIS POS 737 MAX!! I will NEVER board one or ANY MAX for that fact! Horrible thing to push onto it’s customers!

  11. If you don’t already know about Alaska Airlines Flight 261 take a look on Wikipedia. In an effort to cut costs maintenance neglected lubrication on a jackscrew which ultimately caused it to fail and the plane to crash into the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast in January 2000.

    I refuse to fly this airline.

  12. I found It absolutely inappropriate….

    That I just learned about this clip today! LOL they can still make comedy

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