Which Hotel Chains Still Require Masks For People Who Are Vaccinated?

Hotel industry trade group the American Hotel & Lodging Association says fully vaccinated guests should no longer have to wear masks at hotels in accordance with CDC guidance. The CDC also says they no longer have to social distance in most circumstances, either.

The hotel lobby shop says their “Safe Stay guidelines will relax mask requirements for guests who are fully vaccinated” and is “not asking hotels to require proof of vaccination status at this time.” Unvaccinated guests, though, should continue to wear masks.

  • It’s only U.S. guidance and doesn’t apply worldwide
  • Some cities and states still require masks
  • And how this applies at each hotel chain and property varies

Marriott no longer requires mask wearing indoors for fully vaccinated guests at U.S. properties except where it’s required by law,

At our U.S. hotels, guests who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear face coverings or follow social distancing, unless mandated by a local jurisdiction or state.

Hilton still requires masks indoors. A spokesperson says,

Hilton Team Members in the United States will continue to wear masks when interacting with guests indoors or in public areas on property.

As guidelines begin to be relaxed around the world, our hotels will ask guests and visitors to practice social distancing and wear face coverings only where it makes sense to do so, including in indoor public areas and in jurisdictions where it remains required.

Similar to Marriott, Hyatt no longer requires vaccinated guests to wear masks indoors at U.S. properties. Employees will continue to mask. Guests at hotels elsewhere in the world must continue to wear masks.

For some this will be a competitive differentiator. Even travelers who have been very pro-mask feel that lifting of mandates is part of the return to normal they’re looking for in travel, and that while precautions remain in force they’re less likely to travel (as much).

Individuals can still choose to wear masks. This doesn’t protect them from others via source control but if they’re vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine they don’t need to worry nearly as much and virus prevalence in the U.S. has nosedived in any case.

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  1. But will they continue to offer watered down services and offerings and blame it on Covid?

  2. Hilton’s statement actually supports guests not wearing masks if not required locally.

    Also good luck w any hotel chain enforcing this. Even when masks were required almost everywhere I saw plenty of people in hotel lobbies, hallways and elevators without them.

    Personally I am vaccinated and my state (Dem governor) lifted all mask, distancing and business restrictions last Friday.

    I hate wearing a mask and trust that Biden, Fauci and the CDC must have compelling evidence it is safe to make such a quick change. Therefore I will only wear a mask where absolutely required. I mean when Starbucks and Trader Joe’s drop the requirement hard to imagine any business that can legitimately require them (if for competitive reasons alone)

  3. Watch the restaurants open but still no elite benefits.
    They don’t even pretend anymore.

  4. I work for a rather large multi-state company and today they set up a website (internal) that vaccinated people can register and then they no longer need to wear a mask at work, except in states that still require masks.

    I’m sure more than a few will lie since you don’t have to provide a lot of details.

    One more thing to create conflict. Glad I don’t have a job involving the public and have avoided management roles.

  5. When any entity asks me if I am vaccinated, I’m promptly going to ask them when they had their last prostate exam or pap smear. In short, it’s none of their business….

  6. What will RedMan do if it’s a foreign country that requires proof of vaccination? Fake it like his criminal Lord Trump?

  7. @ GUWonder. Foreign countries are opening to all visitors from countries that have Covid under control in their country, vaccinated or otherwise. The tourist dollar is exercising its power over pseudo science that mandated what is prudent for a particular individual is prudent for all.
    With that in mind I will continue to be optimistic while I still encourage steps that y’all are comfortable with to remain HEALTHY.
    “ The EU is also creating a list of countries they deem as having their Covid-19 incidence rates under control, meaning all travelers from these countries could travel to the EU no matter their individual vaccination status. While an exact date for when the borders will reopen wasn’t given, European leaders have indicated that June, if not sooner, is the goal. More details are expected to emerge on Friday.”

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