Airline CEO: Inflight Mask Mandates Here To Stay For Years

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  1. @ Gary — The way SE Asian countries are behaving would make you think that there is a global outbreak of bubonic plague…

  2. Yeah that’s a big GTFO with this nonsense. They’ll be a thing of the past here in the US by the Fall.

  3. This conversation is:
    1: people dont want to drive to a tradiitinal office any longer.
    2: we dont really enjoy being around others …. with their dogs and kids…. travel is dirty.
    3: The Bidens are giving people money to stay at home…. not to work.
    4: the world will never EVER be similar to 2019 period.
    5: Lets rock and roll for MEGA inflation! Thank you JOE

  4. The “$100 supersonic flights” bit was obviously a play for free publicity. And it worked!

  5. @Marv – I’m a Trumper, and I got the vaccine. Who do we have to thank for the Vaccine? Trump! XD

  6. Umm the CEO of Swiss said he thinks mask mandates will probably with us for a few more years. Not surprising since we are almost at the halfway point for 2021 and parts of europe are still in lockdown and vaccinations are not widespread in many countries where Swiss flies. He didn’t say “inflight mask mandates are here to stay for years”. Trying to mislead readers much to get your clicks?

  7. @James – There is no approved drug to treat COVID-19; there is for the plague – regular antibiotics.

    I’m not defending the actions of Asian countries treating the disease the way they are. I’m saying the comparisons to the plague are inaccurate.

  8. @Joe
    Sorry, but the thanks go to the scientists at Pfizer and Moderna et al.
    The scientific genius had nothing to do with it. After all Covid was over
    last April.

  9. @ Marv. You might want to check with the EU on your comment. They are already “re-thinking” the proposed requirement for travelers from nations that have Covid under control. Another follow the money?

  10. @ Marv. lifted from Czech Republic Ex-pat website . . .

    “ The EU is also creating a list of countries they deem as having their Covid-19 incidence rates under control, meaning all travelers from these countries could travel to the EU no matter their individual vaccination status. While an exact date for when the borders will reopen wasn’t given, European leaders have indicated that June, if not sooner, is the goal. More details are expected to emerge on Friday.”

    Since the author is there and I’m here in “the Nation’s Capital, ATX”, I hope the report is correct.

  11. Currently on a small plane. All passengers were asked if they had any symptoms before boarding. The lying pos who said no behind me sounds like she is about to die.

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