American Airlines Flight To Dallas Diverts With A Level 3 Security Alert

American Airlines flight AA60 from Tokyo Narita to Dallas-Fort Worth diverted to Seattle on Wednesday after declaring a ‘level 3 security alert’ which the FAA defines as “life-threatening behavior.”

According to the FAA’s threat reporting Advisory Circular (AC No 90-103), level three alerts are used for,

Weapon displayed/used, credible terrorist threats, credible bomb threats, or actual use of bombs, sabotage of aircraft systems, credible threats of hijacking, and deadly hand-to-hand techniques such as choking or eye gouging

There was loud screaming in the cabin as well as “approximately 10 loud bangs” and three flight attendants were punched and kicked, however there were no injuries as of the internal report reviewed by View From The Wing. American Airlines spokesperson Derek Walls confirms that the on arrival in Seattle the plane “was met by federal officials who removed an unruly customer from the flight.”

American Airlines Boeing 787-9

The aircraft, a Boeing 787-9 registration N828AA with 63 passengers and 13 crew, spent about an hour and a half on the ground in Seattle before continuing on to Dallas. American’s spokesperson offered thanks to the “crew for their professionalism and our customers for their understanding.

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  1. Awful. Flight Attendants are amazing people. Glad everyone is safe. Hope the arrested is severely punished.

  2. Did the man complain about poor service and flight attendants abused their positions to make false claims and escalate and instigate a situation? Nowadays, who knows. We need to see independent witness testimony to see what happened.

    There is logic to having video cameras (no audio) in the cabin to protect passengers from false claims. People and flight attendants who know they are being recorded probably will act better and do a better job. The only concern is passenger privacy. Men have external organs pushed against tight clothes. It’s common for a man to adjust himself. The cameras would need to be oriented at an angle (not face down) that prevents a lower capture below the waist. As long as seats are forward facing and the cameras are facing from rear to front, it’s not a problem. I would hope the cameras would only be able to be viewed when a claim is made. I don’t trust flight attendants who are going to spy on passengers with it.

  3. Good to know that this incident did not escalate into a level 4 security alert, attempted or actual breach of the flight deck. A level 4 can ruin your afternoon, it requires filling out more paperwork, and passengers will demand bonus frequent flyer miles for the inconvenience.

  4. After sampling some of AA’s fare served in F, its time for me to find the nearest restroom at DFW for a Level 5 emergency.

  5. Notorious pedophile UA-NYC noticed a (to him) sexy underage Japanese boy and, unable to control himself, made a dash for the unfortunate youngster. His perverted desires drove him to barrel over several flight attendants who stood in his way. His advance was halted when his corpulent body became wedged in the aisle and he, being weak, was unable to dislodge himself. Federal agents armed with Crisco and cattle prods successfully removed him.

    That’s what the report said if you had read it a little further.

  6. @ Joe — Wow, what a horrible thing to say about someone without evidence to back it up.

  7. All the classic VFTW trolls are here. I guess without business travel the old men with no lives replaced harassing waitress with picking fights on the internet.

  8. I’m amazed that a plane that has a capacity for 285 pax had only 63 pax on board…

  9. I like how Jackson walks us through a whole scenario that is pure conjecture, without any evidence, then explains a procedural solution to this hypothetical problem in great detail, even going so far as to account for male genitalia, before ultimately convincing himself that the proposed solution is, in fact, a bad idea. That post is honestly a work of art.

  10. @Luke

    Last week a man was detained after a flight in Mexico because a female reality star made accusations against him. She shot video and said the man was touching himself inappropriately. The man said he was adjusting his crotch which gels with the video. If you are not a man, you don’t know that shorts and pants aren’t designed to accommodate men comfortably.

    Video cameras in cabins and even in the cockpit is something that comes up from time to time. There are a lot of arguments in favor. Certainly, privacy concerns for passengers are an issue. I don’t think anticipating a possible issue that could come up with cameras in cabins is much of a stretch.

  11. @joe seems to have an obsession with pedophilia. He’s got some good transference going

  12. @jackson waterson
    So, you’re coming out as a shemale? Why would this bother you so much, as most males have worn pants all their lives? You come up with a lot of bs assumptions. My take on this jack, is that you are a transphobic idiot. So, if it bothers you that much wear a dress with no panties. I bet that would suit you just fine!

  13. Unfortunately there’s not a great deal of detail in this report–save it was a level 3 Security alert.

    “Level 3 alerts are used for
    Weapon displayed/used, credible terrorist threats, credible bomb threats or actual use of bombs, sabotage of aircraft systems, credible threats of hijacking, and deadly hand-to-hand techniques.”

    It wouldn’t occur to me to suspect the crew of making a false claim against the passenger in this incident (in order to instigate and escalate the situation– all because said passenger complained of poor service).

  14. @Gary – really letting the comments out of control I see, no shortage of MAGA mouth breathing fake-name posters.

    Might as well pile on then. Joe – you are a QAnon worshipping, undescended testicle eunich who gets off by ramming your own ahole with a dildo. Effing twat.

  15. Is anyone following up what how the incident occurred? there is speculation that FA did nothing to assist a passenger. If this is true, the FA or the crew member failed to apply transactional analysis among the crew to resolve the issue. You know there were only 60 passengers on board, the FA not even reassigned different seats or at least elder some kind of assistance and make appropriate follow up. American Airlines management needs to reeducate all employees on the importance of Transactional analysis and rapport.

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