Someone Replaced the Soap in Detroit Airport Bathrooms With a Bodily Fluid

Detroit airport has been reported to be “in the process of taking out all the soap dispensers and replacing them” in the bathrooms after an “unusual substance” was found in the soap at several locations.”

It turns out someone replaced the soap with a body fluid in some of the dispensers in bathrooms in the North Terminal. Passengers of SkyTeam airlines, which operate out of a different terminal, weren’t affected. The message is clear: If you dare fly someone other than Delta out of Detroit, you’re going to get someone’s bodily fluids all over your hands.

The airport won’t say what the ‘substance’ is “it’s no cause for panic, but very disgusting” and that “it’s not believed to be spit.”

Why would anybody put something in an airport soap dispenser? Investigators said it’s nothing sinister, but someone with ongoing access to the restrooms who has a grudge.

…”The Airport Authority takes incidents involving health and safety very seriously,” officials said in a statement.

This incident joins the ‘Grosser Than Gross’ pantheon:

(HT: Ryan Boyd)

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  1. How long until we are all chastised for being grossed out? Maybe we’ll be told that it’s part of someone’s cultural identity, and we need to be more sensitive and understanding

  2. Gross but not that surprising considering the things blog readers have proudly admitted to, such as sex on every hotel room surface to leave their “mark” or using towels to clean toilets that subsequent guests will use on their faces. A lot of people are just gross that’s all.

  3. Some of Kwame’s friends who aren’t getting kickbacks anymore.
    He gets 28 years, you get some gooey fluid.

    This si a great way for someone to claim the airport is liable for their pregnancy

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