Southwest Airlines Baggage Handler Plays Toss The Luggage, The Fist Pump is Priceless

A passenger who flew Southwest Airlines from Tampa to Phoenix caught cell phone video of a baggage handler tossing boxes coming off the aircraft into a bin. Even boxes of live fish.

“Just like ‘here we go, toss,” [the passenger] said of what he witnessed. “You could take three steps and set it down, it’s not like it was far. It’s just lazy.”

…What concerned Krueg even more is what appears to be printed on the side of some of the boxes. They appear to read “Live tropical fish,” although it’s unclear what was actually inside.

What makes our hero more than just your average negligent employee is the enthusiasm for his sport. He bounces on the balls of his feet as he readies to toss a box. And after he nails his throw he offers a fist pump. Victory over great customer service is his!

According to Southwest Airlines the baggage handler will be “retrain[ed]” to prevent this in the future.

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  1. Looks like the guy from Lost has hit hard times working PHX baggage claim..never liked that show anyway.

  2. Bad call on your part including the audio full of F Bombs and everything else derrogatory the owner of the phone could come up with to say. No thank you.

  3. Gary- the person doing the audio should be identified as Mr F-BOMB. The language was not necessary, and a warning should have been provided

  4. regardless what the guy says in the video ,do any of you commenting on this even care that baggage handlers like this scumbag are tossing your baggage around like this ?? for real?? Says a lot about your own character if you think people being paid to load your luggage should not be fired or maybe even charged for doing this

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