Southwest Airlines Pilot Arrested With Loaded Gun at the Airport

Southwest Airlines passengers in St. Louis were delayed this morning (and reportedly given $100 vouchers) when one of their pilots was arrested.

There’s reporting that the flight in question was Southwest Airlines WN1106 to Las Vegas.

But there’s also reports that it’s Southwest WN1717 from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

I tend to believe it was the Las Vegas flight because – despite the shorter delay – the first officer attempted to clear the terminal 2 checkpoint around 5 a.m. when he was discovered to have a loaded 9mm pistol in his possession.

All of this would be excusable of course if he were an air marshal instead of a pilot.

(HT: Christina)

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  1. Or become FFDO (Federal Flight Deck Officer). Which all pilots can become and legally carry firearms in the cockpit. Not sure why he didn’t go this route.

  2. Any word on motive, or intent? Was he the owner of the gun? If so, how long had it been registered to him? This article is surprising.

  3. Too bad he didn’t have the chance to dream up of being a “patriotic hero” and foil a terrorist attack.

    Although, like most idiots with a gun, he would have a better chance of accidentally shooting himself…

  4. @Lindy – This is probably impossible to know since gun registration is not required in most parts of the country.

  5. Why is this a problem? It’s 2017.
    I’m a slightly more comfortable knowing that in an extreme circumstance the pilot has access to a gun.

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