Southwest Pilots Reportedly Spent Flight Watching Video of Passengers in the Lavatory

In August a United passenger was caught videotaping women in the lavatory. The way he was caught is fitting. He accidentally recorded himself installing the camera, so when the camera was found there he was on it.

Even creepier now there are reports of two Southwest Airlines pilots doing something similar. A flight attendant claims she caught them live-streaming the lavatory into the cockpit for their viewing. This is when they were supposed to be flying their plane.

The flight attendant entered the cockpit when one of the pilots went to use the lavatory. She noticed an iPad with the lavatory video feed. The co-pilot “panicked when he realized she noticed the device..[and] claimed it was part of a new security measure featured on all Southwest flights.

…[She] snapped a photo of the iPad and alerted her superiors when the plane landed.

Benefit to the new 737 MAX lavatory: too small for hidden cameras?

This occurred on Pittsburgh – Phoenix flight WN1088 on February 27, 2017. The pilots, shaken by being discovered, quickly left the aircraft on arrival in Phoenix – and are alleged to have even left a firearm behind in the cockpit.

The flight attendant, in a lawsuit, says she was told by a supervisor to keep the incident quiet because “if this got out, if this went public no one – I mean no one – would fly our airline again.” The suit further alleges that the pilots are still flying for Southwest.

Southwest’s only comment was that they don’t place cameras in lavatories.

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  1. Wow bringing peeping toms into the tech era vey creative
    Wanna Watch ? I’m sure the female passengers will just love all the southwest luv & attention
    Wasn’t this the airline that kept insisting that the 737 max was perfectly safe to fly until the powers that be grounded them ?
    Profits over safety.Perverts breaking the law over an honest truthful Flight Attendant
    Southwest has blood on their hands and a good reason not to fly them imho

  2. Nothing better than watching Southwest kettles destroying the lavs. Must make for really exciting viewing.

  3. How come it takes 2,5 years for these kind of things to come out? Odds are the FA has flown with either of these pilots since then. How awkward!

  4. I’d trust the FAA to do something about this – as I do also trust Southwest to try to cover it using all possible resources, including unethical.

  5. This is outrageous, and needs to be fed to all of the national news media. Southwest is my favorite airline and I fly Southwest monthly. Gary, send this information out for widespread distribution and perhaps Southwest will do something about it.

  6. The defense (for the camera) may be if one pilot was out of the cockpit and encountered trouble (visible in the live stream) the pilot flying would know not to open the door.

  7. This happened in 2017 AND THEY”RE STILL FLYING? If Southwest investigated this and found out the FA made it up (possible, I guess), they should just say so. If they’ve done nothing about it out of fear of spooking passengers, people need to be fired.

  8. You know this was a poor taste practical joke gone awry, right? It was a pre recorded video played to act like it was a live stream.

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