Southwest’s Loyalty Leap: How 16.3% of Flights Became Free [Roundup]

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  1. It’s very difficult to get interested in Southwest points when it’s just a pegged currency. I occasionally fly them when it makes sense, but I would rather collect transferable points or legacy carrier miles. Yes even Delta miles.

  2. What’s “cringe” is someone who uses it every other sentence, then you can only read the article if you sign up.

    What’s even more “cringe” is someone who posts it for people to click on.

  3. I was wondering whose bad writing that was in the tourism snippet, but then I clicked through and of course it’s Yglesias. The funny thing is that if you click through the link he includes for cities trying to curtail AirB&B, you will find out that the stated reason is not his “it’s undesirable to have more tourists” strawman, but rather “the major concern for officials is whether short-term rentals take away housing stock from Burlington residents”.

    Still, he’s gonna have to try a lot harder if he ever wants to top his old “it’s good when Bengali sweatshop workers die in a fire” take.

  4. The Taylor Swift/Elon Musk analogy is flawed. Ol’ Elon can go wherever he wants (Mars next, please please please) but she HAS to be in specific places at very specific times and doesn’t have a fleet of private jets to throw off heavily armed stalkers. The weasel who’s tracking her is a pathetic bully who needs a large dose of his own medicine.

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