Spicy Flight Attendant Shares Why Not To Use The Lavatory When You First Board A Plane

‘Spicy’ flight attendant Cierra Mistt is back, offer more dubious tips. This time it’s about using the bathroom on the plane when you first get onto the aircraft. She thinks it’s a bad idea for two reasons. You’re getting in the way of flight attendants preparing for departure, and because if you’re in the lavatory you’ll mess up the passenger count.


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Neither of these concerns really rings true.

  • If you board a narrowbody aircraft and turn left into the lavatory as soon as you leave the jet bridge and enter the plane, there may be a bit of a crowding but you’re not likely to do much that interferes with a flight attendant’s ability to be ready to depart on time.

  • And if you are using the lavatory quickly during boarding you’ll probably be back in your seat before boarding is even complete. That depends on what you’re doing in there! But if you’re in there long enough to delay departure, ‘going’ in the terminal would have meant missing the flight.

That said, go to the restroom inside the terminal. If your plane has just started boarding, you have time. In fact a plane boarding 35 minutes prior to departure means you’ve still got 20 minutes to get on board the aircraft. Restrooms usually aren’t that far from the gate and you’ll have more room to navigate. If you’re using the lavatory as soon as you step on the aircraft you’re bringing your carry on items with you into the tiny lav.

If you’re going to your seat first, dropping off your stuff, and then getting up into the aisle and heading to the front or rear of the aircraft for the lavatory and then returning to your seat you actually are getting in the way though here you’re getting in the way of other passengers.

By the way, if everyone went to the restroom in the terminal before a flight they’d be bringing less weight onto the aircraft, and reducing fuel burn. That would save an airline a meaningful amount of money across all flights, every day, throughout the year. Some of you will hold it until you get on board just because the last thing you want to do is save an airline money since you don’t feel any of it will be invested back in your travel experience. I respectfully disagree. It could prevent the next government airline bailout. Airlines will take money from your pocket, whether you fly them or not.

Mistt used to work regional jets for Republic Airways which is an Express carrier for American, United and Delta. She became social media famous when other cabin crew complained to the big internet companies and had her social media accounts taken down briefly.

Her past tips that don’t work include buying on Tuesdays for the cheapest tickets, and assigning yourself a seat at the back of the plane to improve your chances of an upgrade. She’s even told a story about groups of passengers meeting on a regional jet and serially joining the Mile High Club while a pilot joined in.

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  1. Didn’t she get fired, and hasn’t even flown in a few years. Gary, you degrade yourself by sharing trash like this.

  2. Only thing missing from this “article” is a link to her only fans but hey you got my click to your trashy blog.

  3. The idea that everyone peeing before a flight could prevent another airline bailout is hopefully a joke? That’s ludicrous and makes absolutely no sense. Peeing before a flight will never have an impact on airline finances, even if everyone did it for every flight.

    Average urination= 0.5 pounds
    Passengers on narrow body= 300 (high)
    Weight of pee= 150 pounds

    So, assuming the entire plane has to pee and does so far before the flight (best case for airline), that’s the equivalent weight of 2-3 people deciding to not check a bag. Absolutely not enough to avert a bailout or show up on a balance sheet or something passengers should concern themselves with in the slightest.

  4. Tried to use the bathroom once just after boarding business class on an AA flight from CDG to JFK. The lavatory had just been used. The toilet had not been flushed.

  5. I hate her so much. Republic fired her for this stuff. And now she’s trying to push her OF the saying we all hookup with each other on the e plane. Half of us don’t even like to use the lav for it’s intended purpose, let alone to have a quickie. I wish she’d disappear

  6. Apparently, it’s a slow new week. I’ll stop using the lavatory during boarding when:

    1. AA and others stop giving me such tight connections in places like CLT and PHL that an even 5 min arrival delay prevents me from using the bathroom between flights.

    2. When airports like IAD and EWR do something about the cramped and disgusting in the terminal.

    3. When DL fixed the obscene overcrowding their lounges so I can get in there to use the restroom.

    There are enough airline employees that don’t seem to care enough about the passengers that you’ll excuse me if I don’t feel bad for making them have to count higher than ten twice on the same flight.

  7. Her name should be Karen, as it is all about her and it has nothing to do with taking care of (or showing common courtesy to) the paying customers.

  8. People don’t seem to like this FA, but as someone that works in the industry… USE THE RESTROOM BEFORE YOU GET ON THE PLANE.

    Can’t tell you how many delays I see because of this and it’s silly.

  9. The only reason not to use the lav on the ground is that the sink drain pipe leads to the ramp, and you might be ready a ramp worker wet with cold soapy water.

  10. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to use a nice large Lav in the airport before they board. There’s just something special about the onboard Lav that intrigues people I guess…lol
    I personally avoid using them unless I really have to!

  11. It amazes me how many people have to use the bathroom during a short 2.5 hour flight. It’s ridiculous. Also don’t see the point in serving snacks and a beverage during such a short flight.

  12. @Someone with respect…I have a very hard time believing that flights are impactfully delayed because someone needs two minutes to pee. You have no idea why I needed to pee once I board the aircraft. Maybe it’s because:

    1. I experienced delays on my incoming flight and rushed to the gate for this flight, worried that I might miss it and it was the last flight out today.

    2. There was a line out the door at the bathroom in the terminal.

    3. I have a medical issue and need to use the bathroom with some frequency.

    4. I have GI distress from the food you served me on the last flight.

    As someone who works in the industry I would expect you to be self-aware enough to remember that we are paying your salary. So get off your high horse and have a little respect, empathy and patience for the people who put food on your table and pay your bills. Maybe, just maybe, if SOME airline employees made a effort to exhibit some basic empathy you’d find the passenger might to the same.

  13. Way to share more trash from the internet. If I wanted this content I would click her tik tok or whatever it is. Don’t see why you need to republish her. For the people saying why not just use the airport restroom I would say that while I totally agree with that it doesn’t necessarily account for boarding delays, people who are in line with carryons they don’t want to be forced to check or people rushing to make last minute connections. I’ve definitely had flights I was running to catch right before the gate closed. Not saying all those people are in this situation but some of them may be. In addition, for people who are scared of flying I can see why they may be stressed and would want to go to the restroom upon boarding.

  14. Welcome to the 21st century. Passenger count pretty much done by this new thing called a com- pu- ter. It keeps track of how many boarding passes the agent has scanned. Gary, stop giving her air time and she’ll go away.

  15. She needs to button her top , that is not Dress code per American airlines. As a fellow FA , we’re to be modest when in uniform. She looses her credibility by her dress code .

  16. Is her screen name the reason Pepsi got rid of Sierra Mist?

    Also, I had never heard her voice, she’s super annoying to listen to

  17. Why on earth are you sharing this trash?

    Is View from the Wing being paid to promote this and failing to disclose it?

  18. What cracks me up is that some of the flying public thinks it’s okay not to wear shoes when on an aircraft. Do you have any idea how dirty your feet get, let alone if you walk in that bathroom? Barefooted, I’ve seen it… Yuk!

  19. So she’s back on the flight attendant schtick? This girl is a known scammer and has been fired from every airline she worked for. Her desperation for any sense of relevance is just sad at this point.

  20. I have used the lavatory onboard just after getting to my seat and made it back to my seat well before the last stragglers boarded and this was even being in one of the groups designated to go later. The complaint rings hollow. Probably just another control freak suggestion. If airplanes had more overhead space and airlines weren’t so arbitrary about closing the gate and turning away paying customers, I would probably use the terminal facilities more often and the ones on the airplane less.

  21. As someone who has worked for a major airline 38 years I can say working for a commuter airline a year ot two before getting fired does not make you an expert in anything airline related except, perhaps, how to get fired!

  22. I’m sure the weight savings of everyone peeing before getting on the plane would save billions of dollars

    Gary you’re losing me as a regular reader if you keep inserting these statements clearly fishing for more people to comment.

  23. People might do this if they weren’t risking their bag being gate checked because they were the last one on.

  24. I hate flying in this century it used to be even cheap airlines were classy now it’s all a bunch of uptight b.s In the 1980s as a teenager I would fly from PBI to Hopkins and I always waited till Capt said it was cool move around and the attendants were always busy feeding everyone i would go do some one hitters in that jon and light a cig as i exited it was always pleasant to get stoned on them old 727 b4 the tsa intrusive jerks made us safe from oversized lotions and tooth paste!Flying is trash now!Used to not be packed like sardines and bomb taped we gave up personal freedom to a system that is not worth shit.I remember a flight attendant saying I smell marijuana Me a well dressed teenager smoking a Marlboro said”ya I thought so to but nobody would do that!These Marlboros sometimes smell like weird”She agreed and smooth stoned sailing and my family would be waiting right at the gate when i walked into airport not a half mile away!For those of you who never witnessed real freedom and no hassles i feel bad for u cause it was good!

  25. OMG.., II did not know there were so many cry pee & moan people flying! I’ve flown domestic and internationally. I personally was told by Sheriff Of Dallas County to coordinate moving Braniff from Love when DFW OPENED. I personally was responsible for keeping the peace during union strike at Love Field’s SWA during the 70s. Pilots went out with Mechanics! In Office Pilots began flying again. WHO really kept SWA Planes flying? SWA’s. stewardesses! At end of each flight, ALL stewardesses STAYED on the incoming planes to CLEAN every seating space, restroom, overheads and vacc’d the carpet on floor! Only then did they leave to go home or fly another leg! WHY, because there was pride amongst SWA Stewardesses, they love their passengers.
    I have a rule. “If SWA does not go there, neither do I.” American Airlines half their planes are filthy on the outside! Trust me, at the Maiit. shop at SWA, you can walk in and with planes inside or empty, you can sit down on the floor, spread out a picnic lunch and eat off the floor. That’s how clean they keep their shop. I have never seen a filthy SWA Plane. I used to fly that last flight out of far West Texas to Dallas, with a very tired bunch of Stewardesses who borrowed a cowboy’s guitar and all dozen passengers joined in as we sang our way to Big D ! My hat is off to all Stewards and stewardesses who put up with the A-Hole, and usually there is one on every flight. Also when we go from point A to B, we do 1 take off and one landing. The Flight Crew may hav five or more of these to seat people on flight legs each working day! It’s a shame Misti has to point out common sense things to some folks! To all who gripe about her, I wish she’d write a book and invite other stewardesses to comment or tell a story about the uncaring passengers all the other flying folks have to put up with daily.
    Remember Rule #1, “If SWA doesn’t go there, maybe you shouldn’t either!”
    Most Respectfully Submitted,

  26. Instead of worrying about peeing, how about enforcing the one carry-on rule so that everyone doesn’t have to wait for the guy with three large ones looking for a place they might fit.

  27. Laughable testament to our “viral” society. An ex-regional Flight Attendant gets a platform to share all these “secrets, tips, stories” that are untrue and now this? Credit to her for leveraging the general ignorance of social media click-bait to make up a life that most decent people would find objectionable – like using your employ of a few years to declare yourself an expert or insider. She is none of the above.

  28. This “Spicy “Non” Flight Attendant” is so Beyond Ignorant it’s Pathetic! Her reasonings are extremely ignorant and stupid as to what could be the cause. I’m not going to get into it because it’s been stated many times in the other comments. But the medical one really stands out and proves she is a clueless wonder. Just spewing BS for the sake of just spewing BS. Also according to many comments she is Not a Flight Attendant just a desperate wanna be. Also has been fired from many airlines(well there’s a surprise….NOT). So this ding bat needs to shut her pie hole. Stop spewing her BS and go get a real job/life! You desperate wanna be!!

  29. As a gate agent I also don’t like that the crew is counting wrong because someone is on the toilet at the time of the head count and yes the crew is at strategic places on the plane to oversee boarding and in case of an emergency on the ground (sometimes boarding is done when the fueling is still in progress) to pull the slides (open doors)

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